Posted by: nastypen | April 1, 2008

Just Because The Brownout is Driving Me Nuts

Ok, I’ve been hopping houses and hotel rooms like crazy for the past four days. I am mightily pissed to be sans electricity during summer and have to pay much of my teacher’s salary in my quest for a climate-controlled room. I snapped at a taxi driver earlier today. I was standing on queue at Robinson’s Ermita. It was a long line for a cab. when it was finally my turn, I was pleased that my cab was somewhat clean and cold.

So the cab careens down the streets when the taxi driver asks me if Makati has any LPG-refilling station. Now why on earth would I have that sort of information? Then I checked out his gauge and it was empty. EMPTY!!!! He was sheepishly grinning and suggesting that we should detour to Quezon City for him to fill up the taxi.

I yelled, “Punyeta naman, Manong! (I will just translate the rest) Why the fuck didn’t you say anything before I rode your goddamn taxi?! Why didn’t you go to the gasoline station before picking up passengers?!”

He said “He wasn’t thinking.” He said it with a gremlin-esque grin. I retorted, “You weren’t thinking? So, now, I will suffer because of your inability to think?!”

So he suggests that I get off the cab and go back to the line to which I yelled in colorful Tagalog, “Did you see the fucking line? Do you know how fucking long I waited? And now you want me to fucking return to the back of the fucking line?!

At least, a friend pointed out, that in my tirade to the driver, I was addressing him respectfully as “Manong” or Big Brother in between my obscenity-laced sentences.

I shrilled with enough dramatics to make Vilma Santos seem subdued, “It’s this ‘not thinking’ that is driving this nation down! Because a number of people are ‘not thinking’ and we all have to suffer from this!!!!!” The driver was more stunned than angry.

It’s like this, if you tried being so fat in this intense Manila summertime, only to have your power cut-off because of other people’s stupidity, then you are stressed from the heat and deadlines so much that you develop gout and it is a MAJOR PAIN just to even put on your socks much more walk, then you bleed your savings limping to hotels that are fully booked….you have little money left but you just need a small comfort of a taxi ride and it gets fucked because somebody “wasn’t thinking” plus the fact that most of Metro Manila taxi drivers would either refuse to accommodate you or they begrudgingly agree only to ask for a “plus 50” amount, yet their taxis smell of feet…tell me, how would you react?

Ah yes I love Manila for its sheer effortless ability to push one to temporary insanity.

So, I seek refuge from the suffocatingly hot reality and into the embrace of the internet. At least this made me smile so wide it hurts:


Hooray for zombies….they’re more fun than Metro Manila Taxi Drivers.

Ok, I fulfilled my quota of whines for the day.  I’m just going to read Playboy now.  Seriously.  After all, I read Playboy FOR THE ARTICLES and nothing else.  It’s those damn Playboy bunnies that get in the way of my literary enjoyment.



  1. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh at your misfortune. But this post was just too funny. Thanks for making me laugh for the first time today. I miss Manila. Huhuhu.

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