Posted by: nastypen | March 30, 2008

Name Change and Poverty

Spending a big chunk of my mobile phone load went to calling Meralco. They say that electricity will return in a week. I booked a hotel room in a panic and will kiss my savings good-bye.


I’m moving into a hotel because i am so embarrassed by my snoring. Blas had to sep out of his own room and sleep outside due to the “worst snore he has ever heard.”


I told Blas, “You may have a higher salary than me but that does not make me poor.”


From the sheer stress of it all, my gout returned. It’s such a bitch to walk under the summer sun, right? Try walking under the summer sun with gout.


I ordered something from Starbucks. They asked for my name, I told them “Jose.” When they served my drink, they yelled looking for “Chona.” I thanked the barristas for telling me that my name changed already as dictated by a multinational company with overpriced drinks.


I’m going to watch Frida again to see that this great artist made fantastic paintings while her body was shattered by a motor accident. Meanwhile, I’m just a fat cartoonist with gout and feels like it’s the end of the world.


The brownout at our area was caused by the squatter colony’s residents tapping illegal connection thus driving the transformer to suicide. Poverty caused the brownout. Plain and simple.


Meralco has the worst call center agents. They have the worst script for irate consumers. I told one, “Meralco is quick to cut off electricity if the payment is delayed, yet when a problem like this arises, it’ll take you days to fix it?” The call center agent’s answer? “Yes, sir, as of now, we have forwarded your concern to the investigative team but we cannot commit as to when they will inspect the area.”


We pay Meralco’s exorbitant bills just to get a crappy service.


Ian said that my life right now belongs to a Farrelly Brothers film. Actually, my life feels like Dante‘s Inferno.


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