Posted by: nastypen | March 19, 2008

Text Retardation and Film Therapy

I got a text message today that mightily pissed me off. Won’t go into details because bitching about it won’t change that tiny fact that I was fuming on very hot Wednesday. So, I decided to put my mobiles out of commission till further notice. They are on silent mode in a heap of stuff on my table. I won’t answer phone calls nor text messages. Angry friends will ask why and I will say “Jesus told me to because anger and stress are killing me.”

So, I got a number exclusively for my family just in case they need to talk to me. Other than that, my mobile phone is just a glorified alarm clock.

So aside from checking this mountain range of papers, what am I doing for the Holy Week? Well, I am downloading movies by the gigabytes. I’d like to thank my sister for giving me a rapidshare premium account so I can just download films much faster than torrents can offer. As I type this, I am downloading Roman Polanski‘s second film Repulsion that featured the very first audible orgasm in cinema. Whatever. Catherine Deneuve is there!

So because of the wonders of technology, I finally watched The House of Yes starring my idol Parker Posey as a woman with a medical condition who dresses up as Jackie O. I love that iconic pink pill box hat and ensemble. I loved that movie even more when I found out the Genevieve Bujold is there as the mother. God, I love these classy French actresses. Genevieve Bujold will forever be the best Anne Boleyn in my opinion in her movie Anne of a Thousand Days.

I love the movie so much I changed my header in celebration of its many witty lines.Just the other night, I watched Catherine Breillat‘s transgressive film Fat Girl. This is the sort of film I will not show my students given the relatively conservative air of the university.

The script is simple. The acting of the young cast is superb. For the uninitiated, Catherine Breillat’s films have this habit of showing engorged penises matter of factly. And this film is about sisters who are in between 14 and 16.

I watched these films in between my tasks because Lord knows I deserve to pamper myself given that the recent days are like tooth extraction.

Speaking of which, it has been beastly hot recently. I feel like screaming. Just by waiting for a cab can give you skin cancer. So, I’m thinking of sneaking in a friend’s office while everyone is on holiday while I use the aircon and internet there. Hahahah. Gahd. But if it means having to go out and wait for a cab for more than 20 minutes, I’m thinking otherwise.

Damn it. If only I was thin, I’d hide underneath my bed and watch movies there till sundown.



  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Penge ako copies nung mga films… =(

    I don’t want to check papers na… target time! hahaha! *evil grin

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