Posted by: nastypen | March 17, 2008

Vicariously Scandalous

Now, if you’re a Filipino internet addict as I am, you’d be reading religiously this scandalous blog of a spurned lover who releases the hounds on Manila’s young elite crowd. It makes good as a telenovella of sorts. One friend pointed out, “Hey, you worked for Manila Standard, right? That newspaper had that debacle with Malu Fernandez‘s stupidity. Now you’re connected to Philippine Star and the major players in this drama is connected there. It’s like you’re vicariously scandalous.”


So this thing is turning out to be a newspaper war as well with Inquirer being pitted against Philippine Star. Several commentators are calling for the banning of the Star because it hosts the vile Gucci Gang who take center stage in the blog drama with their alleged cocaine habits, thievery and not so-alleged frivolity. Great, then by association, a friend implied that I am part of the newspaper ergo shallow and frivolous as well. I know, it doesn’t follow, and hello, I’m less than a non-entity in that newspaper. Practically a space-filler with four readers.


I have always hated the creatures that are displayed in society pages. They’re really nothing but faberge eggs… seemingly fabulous on the outside ultimately empty inside. I think these subhumans with glitter should just voluntarily disappear and not waste any more paper, space and oxygen.

All I know is if I had 70,000 USD I won’t lend it to anybody. Period.

but whatever, I’m vicariously scandalous. And that is a great start for the Holy Week.


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