Posted by: nastypen | March 9, 2008

Starting My Third Decade….

I start my 30’s with the following:

First music video seen:  Erykah Baduh‘s Honey (Yes! A fellow Piscean!)

First expenditure: Treating my family out to lunch

First food ingested: Vegetables

First outfit: Pink and white African goddess shirt, a pair of gray (my favorite color as a child) slacks and chucks

First movie watched: Shaun of the Dead (Nothing beats celebrating mortality but by watching a funny zombie flick)

First venture in art: My self-indulgent birthday video



  1. Happy birthday Chong!

  2. Shaun of the Dead?!?!?!? winner ka!!!! I love that film! I even have it in original DVD! [which is a rare thing for me, mind you]

    Anyway, belated happy birthday again!

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