Posted by: nastypen | February 29, 2008

Ok, So I’m Evil….

Yes, it took my grandmother’s death to do it….but I’ve been berated by my mother and friends several times before to look at the positive side of things. Ok, here it is then….I am QUITE pleased that for the first time in YEARS, my family is complete to celebrate my birthday. Mom and my little sister Dang flew in for the funeral and they will stay awhile to celebrate my birthday.

You know, I didn’t know what I want for my 30th birthday, truth be told. But my family is complete. I cannot remember when was the last time this happened. So, ok, I’m sad lola’s dead (cue in sad face) but my feet are doing a little dance that my family’s here.

Call me evil or callous or selfish, but I am grateful that my family’s here for my birthday. I want no cake. I want no gift. I don’t want anything. (Ok, maybe except good health and time for art….but still, those two things can be accomplished by me and not given to me.) Sure, it would be nice to wake up a billionaire on my birthday but I am not really looking for that.

Dang’s here! Mom’s here! Hell, even Manang Padak is here!!!! Lovely lovely lovely!!!!!

I think even Addie’s flying over for work near my birthday and will stay on for a while. Happy happy joy joy. If anything is glaring about lola’s death is how the family dynamic comes to work in time of distress. It just so happened that this distress led to an unexpected gift that I didn’t know I needed. And if anyone wanted a strong family unit, it’s my lola.

Thanks, lola. I know you will understand my wide smile. Just don’t tickle my feet as I snore at night, ok?

—-Update March 2 8:16pm—-

Looks like I spoke/blogged too soon.  My dream of having my family being complete on my birthday is on shaky ground thanks to a stupidity that can be avoided had God granted some of my relatives the grace of wisdom and planning.  My sisters are pissed.  I am deflated and sort of expecting this.  My mother is held hostage.  So, if fate does not allow me to have a complete family on my birthday, I want a present in return.  Hah!  Whatev!  I will jsut have to coast throughout the final days of my 20s and see how my 30s will start.  Happy birthday to me.



  1. Hi Chong! Tingali ug dili ko maka-visit sa imong blog in the next few days so happy birthday na daan. =>
    Here’s hoping against hope that you’ll still get to have your girls surround you on your 30th. Ingna si Manang Padak na namiss na nako iyang adobo. =P My love to all.

  2. still, congrats on another year (baka sipain mo ko pag sinabi ko happy birthday eh) 🙂

    that would mean another year of posts here 😀

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