Posted by: nastypen | February 10, 2008


I just found out from Prof. Inton‘s blog that he was victimized by a petty thief in the department! Money was pilfered from his wallet! My goodness! I am so pissed. I mean the salary of teachers in UP is in between pathetic and destitute, and yet, some people still steal from us! Don’t worry, Prof. Inton, they may have stolen some cash, but they can never take away your fabulousness. But still, I am shaking in anger.

It is no secret that we teachers make a pittance. What we make in a month is a joke to a lot of my contemporaries. But what really got my goat is that I am engulfed by headlines of chutzpah of certain government officials’ greed that needs to be “moderated.”

I leave a lot of my stuff at my desk. I don’t think it’s great to bring my laptop to piss. But now, I think I have to, or I could not drink before my classes and collapse in thirst and dehydration afterwards. Students can enter the department because unlike a lot of departments, we don’t have a glass window serving as a reception area.

I’m not even going to suggest banning students from entering the department because I do not condone such hierarchy-infested fascism. Besides, students streaming in for questions and visits provide life in the department in my opinion.

Of course, the theft could have been NOT a student as well.

Oh well.  So, I guess, we teachers have to be more careful.  I suggested to Prof. Inton that perhaps I should put a baby King Cobra inside my drawers.  I could escape the bite by purchasing a chain mail suit and cast iron glove like those medieval knights.  Prof. Inton said he will place arachnids in his drawers.

Perhaps I can leave a copy of my payslip in my desk to the thief so that he or she will pity me and perhaps steal for me instead?



  1. kawawa naman si sir inton. he looks nice pa naman. ingat nalang sa mga gamit sir. tsk tsk. makonsensya naman sana yun taong un. baka alam nila na hi tech na dept at may bagong macs don.

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