Posted by: nastypen | February 5, 2008

What’s that Snapping Sound I Hear?

Oh it’s just my sanity being splintered.

I am experiencing major stress right now. So much so that I just blanked out for several minutes and was thinking of nothing except how red the color red is. It has been years since I last had this. But last time I had this, my pay scale was way higher. Oh well. If I “downgraded” my salary, this does not mean I am escaping stress.

Tonight, I just had dinner with stress and it didn’t go well. So, after posting this I will go home, stress eat with ice cream and silently shed tears. I just hope I don’t really cry because I want to watch DVDs to offset this major knot in my chest. Tonight, I just lost at least two months off my life.

I want to punch someone. Knock his teeth out. Take my umbrella and brain him. Uh-oh…it’s that snapping sound again. Must stop. I hope Double Dutch will patch my sanity up.


I’m A-OK now.  I got a cab and the radio was on one of those stupid love chats.  The caller asked for some advice because she, 19 years old, is pressured that her textmate, a 32-year old sanctioned derelict a.k.a. bum, wants her to make him her boyfriend.  The DJ does a spiel about stupidity and plays Debbie Gibson.  There are so many wrongs in the past three sentences that it made me right.  Onyx is at my feet sleeping.  I’m about to attack a poor helpless pint of ice cream and the books are a comfort.  Now, maybe I should sleep until Thursday morning.  Now there’s an idea.



  1. Debbie Gibson is the answer to anything. Debbie Gibson for President!

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