Posted by: nastypen | February 4, 2008

The Shortest Month Is For…

….it says a lot about when the month celebrating culture and arts is designated to the shortest month of the calendar. So, it’s that time of the year and I feel a little bit more bitten by the art bug. I’m going to be a little bit busier this month. I’m going to give the exam this month, we’re going on a field trip, too. I want to cram into my suffocating schedule time for the arts but I don’t know. I really miss watching theater…and by the theater, I don’t mean musicals. I miss hanging out in galleries with former classmates and painter friends. But, I got too much on my plate.

Ah well. If it’s any consolation for me, art is always with me. Forever. No month needed to celebrate that.  

I am going to be extra-busy this month.  I’m making a commitment to myself about priorities in my life and this is the month to do that because it is the last month of my 20s and I want a fantastic send-off to that decade and a fab entry to the 30s.

Next week is the department’s Culture Week and here are the posters I made. this is going to be my first culture week as a member of the UP Manila faculty. The department jokingly said that I am the Centennial graphic designer for the college, so I took the cudgels and designed a series of posters.

Here’s the Culture Week ’08 poster:

Here are the activities for said culture week. Prof. Joey Ogatis and I wrote the copy for the posters. Thank goodness for my stock photos I came up with collages and appropriate images. If I say so myself, I quite like the visual pegs and the recurrent theme running in the posters; clean, crisp and dynamic. I’d like to say that I made these posters under duress a.k.a. last minute. I had a design in mind and thought it was too elaborate. I was staring at my stack of books and got the idea of a slant in the pegs there.

This promises to be one of those show-down events, I’ll bring my camera and shoot like crazy:

Now, for the Jologs Quiz show, I have to give thanks to Ade, one of the funniest people in cyberspace for posting a photo on his blog that gave me peals of schadenfreude-laden laughter. I appropriated the photo into the poster and I obscured their faces with txt language and thought it is pretty nifty.

Culture is meant to be lived and not just enjoyed. Can’t stop the flood art, bitches.



  1. oh oh! is that sir burn sa isa sa mga pics dun sa Culture Week ‘08 poster? heehee… c”,)

  2. hello, maita! yes, that’s him alright.

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