Posted by: nastypen | February 3, 2008

Why do I Bleed?

It takes me longer to be in the men’s room lately. It is difficult to unzip and zip your pants with one thumb. I injured myself over the weekend. I cut my thumb and I bled all over what I was working on. It’s just a small wound yet it hurts like a bitch.

I can’t even open the doors with my injured hand. I was carving a rubber slab for my linocut printing. The television was on yet I was busy concentrating on my carving away. The news was blaring in the background and I was listening to it. I then heard two news items that caught my attention. One, another massive bombing in Iraq, this time the assholes used mentally-disabled women to carry the bombs while they were detonated via remote control and, two, Michelle Williams issued a statement about the death of her former husband Heath Ledger.

It took me just a couple of seconds to look away as I drove the wedge down the surface then it bounced and hit and punctured my thumb instead. Blood dripped copiously all over the slab and it really hurt.

I thought for just two small cuts I was shaking from pain that I had to lie down and watch The Incredibles on TV to calm me down. Edna Mode gladdens my heart. So after that break and several balls of cotton later, I returned to work.

I did not know what to carve at first. Shall I do a social realism scene? An abstract expressionist print? then I looked at Onyx and remembered that my beloved big black bitch labrador is turning two on Feb. 4, hence I decided to do her portrait. I wanted to capture Onyx as an angel, ergo I did her asleep because when she is awake she is hardly angelic.

Onyx is a smart and playful bitch. Too smart and too playful. She would somehow escape from her leash and run outside the compound to the streets and even ventured into a squatters colony much to my sister’s horror. She would bounce about when she freed herself and go up to the different buildings while the girls chase her. I found out that the neighborhood association is going to give us a letter of complaint regarding onyx running around.

I was just thinking, it is bad for a playful labrador to run around whereas we have moron neighbors who sing karaoke at the highest volume on a weeknight, another neighbor who drunkenly waves around a gun, another tenant who screams at her neighbors like a harpy in heat, and another neighbor’s kid who shows us what a tiyanak sounds like because he wails as if he is lost in the middle of the rain forest….at 2:30am. And that kid is no longer an infant anymore. And yet it is Onyx that is seen as a menace? Please, she has better hygiene than some of our neighbors.  Higher IQ, too.

Well, we decided to get Onyx a stronger harness someday. Now what can we do to solve the stupidity of neighbors?

Ah but no matter what the morons say, Onyx is still the dog that warms our hearts and home.  She would jump up and down and shake all over whenever I go home thus shaking away the fatigue, frustrations, stress I accumulated on the day.  She would lick my toes and fingers whenever I am sick.  She sleeps in my room and I always let her snore first before I do then she wakes me with her cold wet nose on my navel because she wants to go out.

I thought perhaps it is great for me to do art that just has more of a special junction in my personal life rather than fight a system once in a while.  Maybe I’m mellowing as I enter the 30s?  hahaha.  Now that I have one injured thumb carving takes longer.  So, I might paint again.  Paint what?  Not a dog portrait, I’m sure.  But I am quite happy that I did Onyx’s portrait.  Here she is.

Since I am injured, slapping on ink and a roller and press it to paper will be difficult.  So, perhaps another time.  In my room, there is a small stack of slabs waiting for me to carve out images.  That reminds me, I should go out and stock more on these slabs.  I’m thinking of making a series of prints.  I should just listen to music and not the news the next time I carve.  Ah the pain is worth it because I bled for two things I love: Art and Onyx.



  1. Wow! ang ganda naman nyan!!!

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