Posted by: nastypen | January 30, 2008

Monsters Love Mega-Cities

I just saw Cloverfield.  I like the jarring camera movements.  No, I didn’t get dizzy.  It’s always New York that gets smashed…or Tokyo.  What monster will attack Manila?  Ah yes….politicians.

Anyway, I found it amusing that the movie is basically beautiful people in hip clothes and strategically cool haircuts with relationship issues fleeing the metaphorical and literal ugly.  I like what my friend said of the movie, “It’s the O.C. versus Godzilla.”

I’m glad that they didn’t explain if the monster is a creature from toxic mutation or an alien.  This means a sequel is in the offing to answer these questions.  It was just rampage and running and screaming.  I thought it could have used more scenes of the monster ripping people’s screaming heads off or actual devouring.  If you must dumb it down without any explanation, might as well pump up the gore.

I love one review of this film “Not for anyone over 30.” hahaha.  Maturity not needed, I guess.

What I like about the film is not the actual film itself, it’s the viral internet marketing it so deftly played to the curious moviegoers.  Much like the Blair With Project.  You can just find a whole shitload of websites and forums about the cloverfield monster.  Of course, there’s going to be a sequel.  Not because of what people heard at the end of the credits, but because film studios love money makers.

The movie was a great ride.  But that’s about it.


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