Posted by: nastypen | January 23, 2008

Cue in the “OMG!”

Woke up at 5am. Too early for tragedy. But Heath Ledger is found dead. Early reports say that it is drug-related. It’s tragic that this came in at the heels of Brad Renfro‘s, a known drug-user, death. It’s tragic that Ledger was 28 and Renfro was 25 and both were great capable actors. Renfro held his own to Ian McKellan‘s brilliance in Apt Pupil and Susan Sarandon‘s intensity in The Client. Ledger was Oscar-nominated for his brave portrayal in Brokeback Mountain and this year, we will see from him the best Joker portrayal in the Batman franchise thus far.

These two good actors are dead, meanwhile hacks and losers like Lindsay Lohan and company are still alive. Like I said, tragic.

—- ||||| —-

I will not even post this filth in my blog. If you want to be ramshackled in religious hysteria, click this. Goodness, aren’t these the same people who belong to that religious insistence that the earth is six thousand years old and that Adam and Eve roamed with the dinosaurs? It would be too easy to fight these bigots. There could hurlings of hateful words and fists and spit from both camps.

But then again, I am not one to condemn because I am not like them. I let these people say what they want to say not because I am cowardly; but, unlike them, I allow and occasionally celebrate diversity. If it means the inclusion of fanatical morons for diversity, then so be it.

Anyway, one of my most favorite lessons in life is that if I lie down with dogs, I get up with fleas. I pick my battles. Praise Jesus for the human capacity for wisdom and tolerance!



  1. “These two good actors are dead, meanwhile hacks and losers like Lindsay Lohan and company are still alive. Like I said, tragic.”

    —- so true sir chong. sabi nga nila kung sino pa ang may malaking pakinabang sa mundo sila pa yung mga unang namamatay 🙂 gulat din ako nung nabalitaan ko around eight in the morning na patay na si heath. what a great way to start my day.

    miss ko na hum2, awww.

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