Posted by: nastypen | January 12, 2008

Drag Day Afternoon and a Clean Shave

My mood is always bouncier on Fridays. the impending weekend. More hours of quality me-time. I decided to get a haircut and a shave. then yesterday, one of my dreams came true…I got to be a judge of a drag beauty contest. Oh happy happy joy joy!

I was asked by a coteacher if I could be a judge for his class’s drag queen beauty contest. That class is production design. this activity was about costume changes in theater as well as styling and projection. the contestants are straight male students of the class.

They had three costumes changes: casual, sportswear, and evening wear. I also whipped up some questions that I have been meaning to ask in a beauty contest.

The winner, this apparition in dayglow violet is the student formerly known as Lionel, now addressed as Queen Lioness:

The gown was the height of kitsch! Check out the pics from a student’s multiply account. Try to spot the contestant whom I labeled Greek goddess on steroids. I was laughing so hard. One contestant looked like Serena Darlymple. The other one shaved his pits and legs and he looked like a high society girl. The other one looked like a character from a comic strip I did in college whom I called Mitzi Gorgonia.

After that otherwordly experience, I decided to have the last haircut and shave of my 20s. It’s going to be less than two months and I’m 30! However, I have been telling people I’m 30 for quite some time now. I don’t know. I just like the sound of it. I used to get a kick at being the youngest at work. But that is never going to be forever.

My friend tells me he is mentally preparing in turning 30. I wondered what id the big deal? It’s just a number. I guess it’s just me, but I thought in my early 20s that youth portrayed by mainstream media is overrated and mired in brainless hubris. I can’t wait for the 30s. MAYBE…just maybe everything will mellow down.

Who knows? Maybe it gets more frenetically serious. Who cares? It’s 30. I don’t know if I’ll even reach 50. So why worry about numbers?

So, I got a shave because I hope in my 30s, my beard becomes more hirsute. I went to the barbers because I want a clean shave as my farewell to the 20s. And as I was lying on the barber’s chair, I can now say that another man clipped those nasty nose hairs of mine. Well, it was an added service I guess. But how can you argue with another man with a pair of scissors up your nose?   Well, there is always a first time eh?

I just saw my reflection.  I miss my beard.  Ah well, it’ll grow back in a couple of weeks.



  1. Thirty ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. But if you’ve got some form of employment, 30 ain’t so bad. 🙂 Good to sort of see you again, Jose.

  2. DEX!!!!!! Thanks for dropping by! Sana minsan kita tayo! inuman at discussion! hahahaha

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