Posted by: nastypen | January 2, 2008

There’s a Japanese Burger?

Before the year ended, I met up with Blas for some talk regarding his love life issues. Of course, we just had to eat something as he spews out some frustrations about this guy’s seeming inaction. It was a good thing we had the best fish burgers and fruit shakes in Metro Manila otherwise that afternoon I would have been digesting some of Blas’s pity parade.

So, Blas suggested that we go to Sango. I’ve eaten their burgers there and they are the best! The location is perfect for me considering it is near Makati Cinema Square. So, after I buy great movies in pirated DVDs (because no way on earth will these movies be shown in cinemas here) I troop to the adjacent Mile-long complex and eat at Sango. Plus, Makati Cinema Square has the best Book Sale store. I bought a McSweeney’s anthology for a hundred pesos. That’s great literature cheaper than a date at McDonald’s!

If you’re coming form Makati Cinema Square, Sango’s right before the kitschy Pharoah KTV place. So, if you passed by the statue of the Sphinx, you’ve passed by Sango.

I brought along my laptop to camwhore:

Look, ma, whose face is bigger? I could goddamn be the eclipse!This is blas checking out the camera node of the laptop. What you see is his nose.

What you don’t see are his nose hairs, and worse, he snorted at a joke of mine leaving a trail of snot and spittle on my computer monitor. I didn’t go ballistic because Blas treated me to the best Strawberry shake I ever had. It was so good, i had to go order another melon shake.

I fancy myself as a fruit shake addict and I must say that I love the taste. Blas says the food here is healthy with big portions. Despite the cheap containers of the shakes, the shakes did not taste too sweet and I fell in love.

The place is clean and looks like a fast food chain but minus the wailing brats and hangabouts waiting for their textmate for their EB session. The place had a TV with Japanese music videos on the loop. I was mystified of these videos of J-pop princesses with their blunt bangs and contrived saucer eyes with their funny cutesy-wootsie gestures that children today seem to be so attached to. And on the other side, I saw this and I know some of my geek friends will have erections at the sight of this:

Yes, there are manga (Japanese comic books) you can read on the store for free. Of course, the books are in Japanese. Well, I counted that on the time Blas and I gabbed of his relationship woes, which was more or less an hour, there were about 20 people who came in. Out of the 20, three of those were Filipinos. The rest were Japanese. Apparently, it’s a big hit among the expats.

They were either reading the manga or talking in whispers. Blas and I were talking and laughing like washerwomen discussing about our husbands’ underwear.

Blas says that employees from buildings next door crowd this place on weekdays. Blas prattled on about the food their being not the usual fast food gunk and the ingredients are fresh etc. I checked out what matters to me most: the prices. And they were reasonable. I always love fish burgers and if you order with thick sheets of lettuce and cheese, the fish burger is about 110 Pesos. And it’s filling.

I was thinking on how the Japanese adapted and ingrained other cultures and made it into their own. And this also extends in business. Remember how the Japanese “copied” expensive European watches and churned out their seikos…or with cars, they co-opted European models to produce cheaper and efficient cars like Toyota. And there i was wolfing a cuisine inherently American, yet much better than all of the American burger joints in Manila.

My total bill? Just about 163 pesos with taxes. Not bad. Despite the dismal talks of Blas’ relationship that is seemingly in limbo, the food was pleasant and we were blanketed by the soft techno music of Japanese Pop Princesses whose, by the look of their videos, sing about love and other dalliances. Not a bad deal.



  1. this is really cool info chong. mae and i can’t wait to try it out. 😀

  2. Uy! Looks good… punta tayo dyan, kasama ako 😀 Puleez? 😉

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