Posted by: nastypen | December 30, 2007

I Defiantly Yell at the Cosmos, “It’s Going to be a Great 2008!”

Next year shall be the Year of the Rat. Not a pretty good year for horse people like yours truly. I remember the last Year of the rat was one of the most frustrating years in College. It was my second year in college and there was a major break-up, also, for the first time in my academic life, I had to drop not one but two subjects! Well, both we’re P.E. but still……

I was told to fortify myself from ill luck. So, what should I do? Lock myself up until the end of the year of the rat?

I have always been proud to be a horse person. I got this from a website and I made the statements in bold for emphasis and in agreement as well:

The Horse personality often varies radically. In Asia, it is believed that those born in the years of the Horse may be tyrants (WAHAHAHAHA! A classmate actually told me that I was imperious and was not listening to their ideas and at that moment I felt pride swell in me), revolutionaries (WHY NOT?!), or thieves (YUP, GUILTY! I STEAL MY SISTERS’ CHOCOLATES). On the other hand, they have great capacity to excel. Others are often in awe of them, worship them, but seldom really understand them.

Horses are good at handling money, but often lose interest in their goals. Chinese believe that horses are born to race or travel, therefore Horse people leave home at a young age, and remain restless throughout their life. They are impatient, yet quick-witted with a huge ego. They have a hard time belonging anywhere for long.

Horse people do well in groups and is never short on conversation. Social contact is important to the Horse and they often form close relationships with others and will give up anything for a good romance.

The Horse represents desires and wishes they are usually associated with males. The ancients deemed the Year of the Horse to have masculine attributes. The hour of the Horse falls at high noon and the month of the Horse includes the Summer Solstice, which are both strong “yang” forces.

There you go, my personality in four paragraphs.

Blas and I met up today for some chitchat. I told him that the year of the rat will be hard for the horse people. He said he doesn’t believe in it. He reminded me of my philosophy regarding astrology. Here’s my take to which I have written about in this blog before: If the forecast is great, it’s true. If the forecast is not so great, then it’s rubbish.

When I visited my relatives over at Christmas, my uncle called up from Cebu and was talking to my aunt about what to buy for good luck next year. My aunt went on a litany of getting a golden toad statue with a coin dangling from the mouth, to what colors are lucky, to where to place the fat smiling buddhas. I was just staring at her because she has this intensity in her face as if she were prattling off medicine.

While Feng Shui has its interesting attributes, i try to constantly imbibe some lessons from Buddhism. Feng Shui has its roots in Taoism. When I was working for a newspaper, I interviewed this Buddhist monk from China regarding an exhibit of Buddha statues. I asked ignorantly if owning a statue of the Buddha is good luck. The venerable monk just had a calm radiant face and answered, “Good luck? In Buddhism, everyday is a good day. Every time is a great time. No need for good luck.”

There you go, Year of the Rat, it’s going to be a lucky year for me because I say so and I will make it so, bitch.

Well, I did buy fruits for the new year.  I’m going to wolf down on grapes and apples.  At least I’m going to start the new year healthy.  Well, my sister and brother-in-law are in Tagaytay.  They invited me to join them but I declined.  I’m going to start 2008 alone.  Drawing.  Reading.  Vegetating to the Sopranos DVD box set and listening to Edith Piaf.  Oha.  I don’t really like fireworks and going out to inhale gunpowder or something.

I will start the year my way as I will go through the year my way, as well.

So, happy new year, everyone!



  1. Wish I could spend the New Year with you. Happy Holidays Bro Bear. I’ll see you soon.

  2. Pinyuyir! 😉 Where’s your painting(s)? Post it na! 😉

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