Posted by: nastypen | December 26, 2007

A Different Christmas

For the first time ever in my life, I spent Christmas with my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. I normally have a quiet Christmas but this time I was hauled all the way to Laguna to be with family. It was an interesting experience. I mean how many people out there can truly say they spent their Christmas taking almost nude photographs and video of your tranny aunt?

(For adult readers….by “adult,” I mean someone with an open mind who has the mental capacity to understand that such things, people, events happen and will not spew fire and brimstone in a self-righteous manner attempting to make him/herself feel better and holier than thou when in fact it is a sad caricature of ignorance and hatred.)

It all started out innocently, I had my camera with me and would take pics of relatives asleep with their mouth agape with a slow ooze on the left corner of their lips. My tranny aunt was asleep in my cousin’s pink room. She was awakened because it is hard to be very quiet if you have the weight of an elephant gingerly walking on plywood. So my tranny aunt and I gabbed for a bit.

All of a sudden, my tranny aunt whips her camera and she showed me her pics at the recent Halloween parade in Los Angeles wherein her costume entailed her boobies hanging out. I was laughing at her other tranny friends because there is this one tranny who looks amazing if she has her back turned on you. Up front….well I can now say I have seen a toad with a weave and false eyelashes and eyebrows perpendicular to heaven.

There was this one picture of my tranny aunt standing next to a guy “dressed up” as a tiger. I say “dressed up” but it is more accurately in body paint and it seems he paraded buck naked with all of his appendages dangling about. My tranny aunt was fiddling the goods at one picture.

My mother was wondering why I was laughing so hard inside my tranny aunt’s room. Most of the people were downstairs talking about the usual things while my tranny aunt and i were looking at the different interesting Halloween costumes. One hot guy wore nothing but a white sash over his groin but what was fantastic was his wings were made of twigs. He actually looked like a Guillermo Del Torro film character. My aunt’s costume was that of a slutty Japanese schoolgirl…ho-hum I know. but the bitch was a hit with men and her pics with them are evidence on how she was….uhm…err….worshiped.

One of my favorite costume was this guy wearing this. In that pic, I could see my tranny aunt’s hands diving into the box. Hahaha.

Then one picture sent me guffawing was a shot of my tranny aunt’s latest boyfriend. Well, it wasn’t the portrait of the boyfriend but a picture of a different kind was taken. I was laughing and I yelled, “So, it’s true about redheads!” Then my tranny aunt took her camera and stripped down to her panties and ordered me to take pics for her internet profile.

She wanted the pics tasteful but alluring, slutty in an elegant way and not skanky in a trailer trash way. I was just aghasted for two seconds that my tranny aunt proceeded to work the camera like I am a photographer for Playboy. I took the photos with aplomb and she was happy with the results.

No, I will not be posting them here. Those pics are not even in the internet jargon of NSFW (Not Safe for Work) but NSFL (Not Safe For Life)! Hey, but if trannies are your thing, you might see my tranny aunt in one of those personals website. I wrote about her machinations in a post last year entitled In the House of Sin.

I will post this stolen shot from my MacBook Pro though. I inserted some words and I think it’s a good graphic:

Oh Hell No!!!!!

And it didn’t stop there! Since my laptop can shoot videos from the webcam, my tranny aunt decided to do an act of the stereotypical Asian whore and dance for the American troops. It was so funny! I never knew you can wear a bra like that and I have been to quite a few girlie bars. Yes, I have gone to those places and I have seen both genders gyrate and I am still shocked at my tranny aunt can do! Sorry, that video, or rather, those videos can be viewed only to my close friends.

In this exercise I realized that My tranny aunt has tattoos…..on her hips. One is a cherry to which she would coo to her lovers “Pop my cherry.” On the other side, it was a tattoo of a butterfly and a flower, perhaps celebrating her metamorphosis. I thought this bitch beat me to it! I want to have a tattoo which I designed on my back. Although Addie might end our partnership if I get some tats.

My tranny aunt dressed up in her barely there outfit and sashayed downstairs.

So, I descend from the pink room of sin to interact with my relatives. I was greeted by my grandfather who was all too happy to see me. He skipped towards me and put his hands on my cheeks and was chiming, “Ang ganda-ganda ng apo ko!” (My grandson is so pretty!) My mother was having her nails done and she gave me a smile with a knowing twinkle that my christmas is hardly traditional at all.



  1. Mas payat pa sa akin ang aunt mo! Kalokah!

  2. gosh..ur aunts sexy ha!!:)

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