Posted by: nastypen | December 18, 2007

Passing On The Fab

Lafawnduh has been with me for years now. This tiny but feisty Mac Powerbook G4 has accompanied me in the cubicle…. to my escape from the cubicle….it has been with me as I skimmed through time zones.

Lafawnduh has been battered by demands in different locations.I bought Lafawnduh from the blood money I earned from my first job.

And now it is time for me to let her go.I originally planned to sell Lafawnduh considering that her hardware specs are far better than most of the PC trash out there. But I thought I should not treat Lafawnduh like some piece of appliance.

Lafawnduh is more consistent in my life than a lot of people. Lafawnduh has helped me earn money when I am in tenterhooks of unemployment.

I’m giving Lafawnduh to my little sister.It was suggested that I should finally “upgrade” my laptop. Well, today, I officially bequeth Lafawnduh and her fabulousness to my fabulous fag hag sister who I know will aprreciate Lafawnduh’s leopard print skin protector.

My little sister is techie enough and creative enough to tinker around with a powerful tool like Lafawnduh.

My elder sister bought a Macbook for herself because she got bitten by the Mac bug as well. Besides, knowing my sister, she will be MOSTLY focused on documents and spreadsheets and power point presentations espousing government agency aesthetics.

My little sister who has a musical library of at least 72 GB will enjoy using Lafawnduh. She will organize her vast libraries of photos and music. She will tinker with pics with Photoshop. I am sure Lafawnduh will be in good hands with my little sister who takes refuge from life’s cruelty by organizing stuff.

I hope she learns to edit and make some quirky short films as well.So, I will miss Lafawnduh more than some people I met in college. Hahaha.So….upgrade? It is high time that I get a “better” machine.

So, I got myself a MacBook Pro. It was on sale….I got it with about 46% discount. I kid you not. Of course, it was also pre-owned. Hello! I checked out the unit…it seems fine. And I don’t really mind if someone fiddled with it before.

I was sold when they said, “I think this unit was previously owned by Paolo Bediones.” You had me at hello. Wahahahahahhaha.

As if.

I got it because it was the cheapest! I am not going to further hemorrhage my comatose savings by buying a new unit. I remember a classmate who made a face when I told him I’m going to gun for a second-hand mac years ago. He was disdained and asked, “Why? Can’t you afford a new one?”

Well, I won’t sacrifice my savings for me to say “Look at me and my brand new mac.” Please. How petty!

Please! What? He thinks that getting a brand new mac will make him a better person? That a brand spanking new mac will upgrade his face value? I’m sorry. I don’t subscribe to such inanity.

Much to my friends’ and family’s shock, I could be very practical…especially when it involves MY money.So, I got me a new laptop. I have to name it ala ghetto fabulous! I am thinking of calling my new laptop Impulsiva in celebration of the state of mind when I processed in purchasing it.

Of course, check out my first photo(s) and wallpaper:

Fabuloussssssssssssssssss…………. Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. Hey!
    I am amongst the friends of the ‘elder sister’ which also explains why I have this site bookmarked in my Mac. Yes, a Mac. I got all excited reading the detail on the ‘bequeath’ and why you chose to buy another of the same brand. I can relate to that. I find this product quite friendly to even people like me who hardly have skill on computer programmes, that even as I had my ‘crashing’ disappointment with the previous ones (because there had been two involved in one purchase, that also involved two deliveries, one final pick-up, and refund arrangement), I have gone undaunted with my preference.
    So, great that ‘elder sister’ also has one. She did not tell me! I reckon she must be very busy these days. My best to Impulsiva!

  2. ooohhhh !! chritmas gift to self? nice 🙂 can i be your little sister?
    happy holidays chong!

  3. Hehehe… drooling envy na naman ako… but wait… nag-uusap na ba kayo ni Dang? 😦 Kamusta na siya?

  4. She is definitely back in her glitteratti, happy ways!

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