Posted by: nastypen | December 16, 2007

The List

So, a friend asked me to do an illustration for her article about having a luxurious Christmas. It was for a newspaper that listed down the different “must have’s” for the season. I don’t know if I’ll be paid for this. If I do, it’ll just be enough for a couple of taxi rides in the metro. But I still did this because I like that friend of mine.

So, despite that I have four million other things to do in my life, I set aside an hour or two with Adobe illustrator and whipped this up (Just me and the mouse…i’m too lazy to use the wacom tablet):

work it!

And it got me thinking…What DO I want for Christmas?

I am so fortunate to say this….I don’t want ANYTHING for Christmas.

That is, anything of material gain….I still wish that some idiots in high places get their acts together for the progress of a nation and not just for the few. And of course, happiness, health, and more laughter for my family and friends. That has been a constant Christmas wish of mine.

I see the iPhone and I yawn. I go to the mall and I’m even bored more.  Sure, like most of us, I do wish I have massive vaults filled with money (in Euro please), but I know that won’t happen.  I see the new stuff online of the best presents for the season.  I find myself looking at my war refugee room and I have no space NOR INCLINATION to accumulate more….unless books are involved.

Lately, I am sick and coughing, a manifestation of stress but I still managed to go to Greenbelt with some friends over dinner.  They were thinking of buying a new television set.  We saw what they wanted and it was a whopping 250,000 pesos!  Crazy!  The only place where I had a massive inclination to buy is when we set foot inside a bookstore.  Other than that, malling is so boring.

I see all these people fighting over taxis with towering boxes for Christmas.  I hear brats whine that they want this and that.  the news puncture my ears about skyrocketing prices.  These things irritate me and I want nothing else but to be disconnected from such pettiness.

Let it be known that being 29 is the best year thus far for me. I thought the highlight of my life was when I turned 21 and it was all plateau to downhill from there. I am blissfully mistaken. 21 was when I left UP Diliman with a bang and entered a world that I have always wanted and achieved the positions before I turned 23. I learned to give up on some dreams and work with what I have.

2007 and being 29 made me lose a lot and gained some things I thought I will never see again. For the first time since I missed graduation to start working, I became “jobless.” This year, I left the cubicled existence with vim, vigor and palpitating fear. I can’t believe I threw out my security blanket this year and it turned out to be one of the greatest decisions in my 20s.

I shake in appreciative glee when I was given the opportunity to return to the following this year:

  1. Painting
  2. Photography
  3. Linoblock printing
  4. Filmmaking
  5. Animation
  6. ….to Cebu with much excitement I haven’t felt in years.

and I became an instructor for one of the toughest Universities … the least-paying and most difficult and most demanding job to date. Yet, my satisfaction level is unparalleled.

Or maybe I just want one Christmas wish….may 2008 bring me a new art form to explore with?  who knows?

So, I am grateful for what I have lost, what I have learned and what returned to me.

I wish everyone the elation that I feel right this very moment.   May the Holidays be extolled in is true meaning rather than shallow consumption!

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.


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