Posted by: nastypen | December 12, 2007

A White (Sand) Wedding

…well not exactly…since we are “Biological” Catholics, beach weddings are a no-no. Ergo, my sister married in a church that is about a two-minute walk from the famous white sands of Boracay.

It was a great wedding. It was pretty difficult to take photos. First, it was hard to see when my eyes just welled up and started streaming. I thought I won’t be going that path. Well, I did. It was proof on how beautiful my sister and her wedding are.

Second, my stomach had this stabbing pain. I was getting dizzy and wincing from the pain throughout the ceremony. I thought I would faint. It was a fine time to get an affliction like this one. Perhaps, it was all the stress that balled itself up and was smashing my guts.

I had to stop taking photos at one point and good thing Nemcy was there to cover my ass or else my sister would be in tears had I collapsed in the middle of everything. And I almost did. I had to sit at the back of the church while Addie was keeping me company and keeping me calm because I was flustered by pain and frustration.

When the wedding was done, I was ushered into the honeymoon suite in Sea Wind resort where I balled up in pain and rested for a bit. When the pain abated, I stood up and went to the reception and commenced taking photos and even manage to dance. I just went to the sea to cool my feet hoping that this has an effect to make me ignore the pain.

I did have some good shots. But thank God Nemcy was there. And so did some of our family friends who took pictures for me to collect them for the wedding album and site.  I did manage to take some shots of the Matrimonial ceremony and the reception.

Here’s a shot I took of my sister dancing with Fr. Corcino who had pretty smooth moves for a priest:

dance dance dance

I call this “The Double Kiss:”

Oh yes, there was dancing alright.  A little rain came but that did not stop the cool party people to burn the white sands of Boracay with dancing.  We did not want one of those constrictive and highly choreographed dog crap weddings.  Bring out the Rose Tequila, smoke that shisha, and dance like lunatics to highly suspicious gay anthems.

This little guy is the most eligible bachelor of the night:

He kissed and danced the ladies and he table-hopped and conquered hearts.Here is one of my most favorite photos Nemcy took:


I said this should be the main photo for the wedding website:

help me!!!!

hahahaha. I just love the fear in my sister’s eyes and Den’s almost like spitting mad. But of course, these photos are not part of the wedding site. Despite my pain and momentary absence, the photos amassed to a whopping 10gb or so.

That’s what my sister wanted for her wedding.  No professional “intrusions.”  She wants all aspects in the wedding to be connected to her friends and her family.  Like, for example, the reception host, the fabulous and formidable June recommended a certain band to play and eventually made some people dance into a frenzy.  No pretentious and farcical entrance of the newlyweds in ski jets or parachutes.  I am not a professional photographer and there I was snapping away.  Hell, my sister didn’t even hire a wedding planner.

It was a group effort and we pulled it off beautifully.

Before I start gushing more than any happy-the-type-of-happy-bordering-on-insanity kind of bride, see for yourself the smiles and celebration.

Check out the refurbished wedding site. The main photo was taken by Nemcy. It’s simply perfection.



  1. Chong, super thank you for posting the pictures. Had been checking both the wedding site and this one daily. Marj said you’d post them by the 15th but I had supreme faith that you’d have them up earlier. Hehehehe! Was green with envy over how much fun you guys seemed to be having (well, stylishly green – the color of Marj’s shrug. =P) Anyway, just have to say, your mom looked gorgeous! Super super gorgeous. Esp. in your ‘daughter and mother’ shot. Thanks again!

  2. Send my best wishes and congratulations to the newlyweds! 🙂

    Gerswin’s gown is beautiful! The wedding’s beautiful!

  3. Thanks din for the chance and the trust… you and Ate Marj Ü

  4. AND DEN!!

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