Posted by: nastypen | December 3, 2007

Losing a Sister and Gaining a Brother

So blogging duties will be suspended for quite a bit. I’m off to witness my sister getting married. I must admit that I was a bit iffy when my sister announced of this marriage some time ago.

I don’t know. Perhaps I’m resistant to change. Ugh. Perhaps I don’t want to “lose” my sister. But hey, I’m gaining a brother in the process. So, it’s all good.

She’s not marrying Prince Charming because we don’t believe in that shit. We don’t subscribe to fairy tales of helpless and frail women waiting to be saved. Is it any wonder why my sister warmed up to Greek mythology more than Hans Christian Anderson?

Her favorite goddess is Pallas Athene or Athena, which says a lot of my sister. I like the Robert Graves version of the Greek Myths, where Athena was born from a massive literally splitting headache from Zeus. Hahaha. Yup that’s my sister.

But here’s what I do believe: my sister is a great judge of character. She sees something in Den and I trust her choice. I don’t like the adjective “nice,” it’s so uncreative.

But Den is a great guy. Plus points that he has a boxer named Max and I could relate to his near-obsession with cars. Mine is comics, his are cars, different stuff but similar wavelength in indoctrination.

So I’m gaining a brother. I hope he can scratch my back the way my sister does because I can’t reach it! WAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! that’s love, bitch!

So, my family is complete now. Mom flew in from Dubai. Dang is here also. Manang Padak and her bangs have flown in from Abu Dhabi. Ronnie will arrive in a day or two. Addie will be flying in a day before the wedding.

Ahhh….the wedding. I won’t be a part of the wedding march. Not a big deal because I am one of the photographers in the wedding. I am quite nervous because I am out of shape for YEARS! Can I do this? Can I strain my already heaving body to contort for the perfect angle? Will I start screaming at people to get out of the way? Whatever. thank goodness for telefoto lens.

My outfit? It’s a beach wedding. I won’t like it if you ask me to wear Barong. So I’m glad that my sister is cool enough and not anal to allow me to wear my favorite pair of board shorts, sandals and a fierce top.

My mother, I expect, will look like the female version of the Oscar statue at the wedding. My little sister’s pair of shoes can be considered a weapon of mass distraction. I have a feeling that Manang Padak and her blunt bangs will steal the show. I’ve seen Den’s outfit and it is something I would want to wear. That statement just shows how I appreciate restrained elegance.

My mom says I should get a haircut. Should I get a mohawk…..with blunt bangs? Wahahahah. The priest might exorcise me after the wedding if he seems me with that hairdo. I want to sing at the wedding! Too bad it’s too late to memorize Kylie Minogue‘s “Love at First Sight” ergo singing is out of the question.

Well, the bachelorette party was on last night. There were games and pretty incriminating videos that I shall be burdened with lawsuits if I post them.  Let’s just say there are cut-out penises involved.

My present? Let’s just say that earlier, I went to the “Concierge” of the Glorietta Mall and asked her “Hello, where can I buy fur-lined handcuffs?” Her eyes. Oh her eyes. They became as big as Bambi’s when he found out his mommy was killed.

So, blogfriends, permit me to take leave and I shall see you after the 15th. Hey, if you have time, browse though the wedding site I assembled for my sister and brother-in-law.



  1. hahahaha marami kami ganyang handcuffs dito 🙂 i wudnt mind sending one kung napost mo agad ito.

    best wishes to your sister :p

  2. I wouldn’t mind receiving them as a Christmas gift either..tee hee..Den would blush if he could (he can’t)..

    As for the wedding, GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US ‘SE!!

  3. I’m excited too and a little tense. Assigned to be on of the photographers e. Hope my gadgets won’t bail on me 😉 And praying that the weather will be on our side… I don’t like gloomy overcast skies…

    A few hours to go and we’ll be on our way… good luck to us…

    Basta ang importante, fabulous tayong lahat 😉

    FIGHT! Ü

  4. Congratulations to your sister and Den!!!
    Enjoy and have fun at the wedding 🙂

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