Posted by: nastypen | November 30, 2007

Overkill, Is That You?

After live-blogging the stand-off yesterday, I suddenly remembered that it was the anniversary for the coup attempt in Makati back in 1989. I was still in elementary at that time but I understood that it was a massive and violent event. I remember people being shot. So, I decided to go to the hotel where Addie is staying.

The hotel he is staying is within the vicinity of the Manila Peninsula.

Since there was a light drizzle and total disruption of activity in the country’s financial capital, the taxis decided to show their compassion to the commuters by charging exorbitant fees or flatly refusing to take in passengers. I didn’t even attempt to hail a cab. I wouldn’t want my tempers flaring up by asking these morons to take me to the hotel. I walked and despite of the ammunition encircling some parts to where I’m going, it was a nice day for walking.

As i neared the hotel, I could see a swarm of men in uniform and I became afraid. It will just take one trigger-happy asshole for all of this to go down in a spectacular ball of flames. I even managed to order some food while a couple of army trucks are 20 feet away from the restaurant. There maybe a coup attempt but that won’t stop me from eating.

So, I go up and watch the drama unfold on cable news. Let me just say this: I despise Gloria, yet, I don’t like Trillanes, either. I was watching this political tableau with a besmirched stance with a semblance of anxiety as well.

The only part when I squealed was when the tear gas was seeping in the hotel lobby. There are civilians in the premises! It all seemed too much firepower for a relatively small contingent of rebels. The journalists were scampering with irritated eyes and it was hard to breathe.

Then I remembered I don’t have much load for my cellphone so I go down to get some. When I reached the hotel lobby, I heard the people buzzing about snipers. As I got out of the hotel, I heard distant but distinct gunshots. The cellphone load can wait.

I don’t want to risk walking in a bullet alley with my girth! I’m such an easy target. The only thing that can hide is when a blue whale just so happens to be nearby.

So, I just return to the room and watch as this armored vehicle ram into the lobby. My sympathies to Manila Peninsula. Last time Trillanes pulled off a Military Adventurism stunt it was Oakwood. Oakwood is gone now, replaced by the Ascott group. So, who knows what happens to the Manila Pen.

I wondered that if these people walked out from the Makati Regional Trial Court, that should have been in J.P. Rizal Street; yet, they walked all the way to Manila Pen. Why didn’t this band of brothers venture into nearby Burgos St. (Makati’s red light district) and hole up in one those seedy hotels frequented by Manila’s finest sex workers?

Then it was all over. They gave up on account that they didn’t want the reporters holed up with them to be caught in the altercation. Perhaps, also, that the crowds of supporters did not materialize? So, again a reverberation of slogans of state-wide corruption, failure and loss of credibility. the bishop prayed for the nation. The writer Bibeth Orteza who joined in the rebellion is the hottest bitch on the planet with her statement that she has cancer but it would be glorious to die for the country rather than from illness. I completely agree, girl!

Then they hauled off Trillanes, the general dragging him by the belt which is so homoerotic and could be a prelude for a hot prison porn.

What raised my left eyebrow to the 27th floor is that they handcuffed journalists and like cattle they were led into a dilapidated bus. The journos defiantly raising their tied arms for the world to see. That scene really broke my heart.

Then it became worse. Curfew is imposed. NEVER in my life have I experienced a state-sanctioned curfew….until last night. A curfew is something my elders talk about to scare us about the dark times of Martial Law. I thought it strange that of the several coup attempts to oust Gloria (Oakwood, Edsa 3, the one at the Marines HQ), they didn’t impose a curfew.

The images of harassed journalists and this curfew just compounded my distaste for this administration. This is plain overkill for the world to see. My goodness, BBC and CNN were broadcasting live of this….this….bully-type show of force. The authorities were quick to announce that these journalists were undergoing “processing.” They wanted to clarify their affiliation to the media outlets. I don’t like this. Not one bit.

They said that the curfew was just for one night ideally. The authorities were playing the ambiguous card of perhaps there could be an extension of a curfew perhaps not. Notice that the authorities did not set a deadline as to when there will be no need for a curfew.

So….today is the birth anniversary of one of the country’s greatest heroes: Andres Bonifacio.  Tonight there will be an event at the Cultural Center of the Philippines to honor his birth as well as the life of another leftist personality. I will go there. I will wear something red and fab. I am not cowed by curfews nor by military adventurism.

Let the life of Ka Andres inspire us for this change that politicans rattle on in their campaigns and soldiers wave with their guns in coup attempts.  Ka Andres grew up poor in Tondo into a society that espouses a socially-stratified condemnation that he will never move up.  Yet, he worked, read a lot of books and mobilized a revolution that crippled a centuries-old ruler. He created a mighty and vibrant impression without having the luxury of a high-class birth (Like Gloria) nor was he part of the military elite (like Trillanes).

And his was a true revolution.



  1. …but then he was betrayed.

    And the nation’s continuing deadma stance on what happened to him is our bad freaking karma.

    When a country starts out with a president that has dubious claim to the office…where else can it go?

    Our repeating history is our purgatory.

  2. my blonde reply would be:
    napakashala naman ng pinuntahan nilang place!

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