Posted by: nastypen | November 29, 2007

Live!…from a brewing Coup d’etat!

…or maybe, we should call this a stand-off. This entry has been updated several times.

I’m at Makati right now. Manila Peninsula is just a ten-minute walk. Right now, the television reporter’s voice is quivering with fright. She just announced that there are a couple of tanks going to the hotel.


Earlier today, a professor sent a text to another professor which said something like calling for support for a senator and known military usurper/mutineer who is having some “activity” in Makati.

One hour later, text messages have flooded my phone saying that there may be a coup attempt at the country’s business district. Apparently there was a “walk out” by the Sen. Antonio Trillanes and Gen. Danny Lim who are on trial and was charged with contempt by the court. They went to Manila Pen.

1219 noon: My sister texts asking me where I was and that I should be careful when I go to Makati. I actually did not have a hard time getting into Makati. Took a bus and now I’m here. Now, how to get out of Makati…..

12:21 noon: My sister informs me that former Vice President Teofisto Guingona has joined the fray.

90% occupancy and the people have to be evacuated from the hotel.

Here we go again.

I’m at the 22nd floor and I could see the snarling traffic down the road. People are walking. Just around the corner, a military truck has barricaded a road. And I’m here.

Just in: Marines are marching towards the Manila Pen as ordered by the President. The police gave the mutineers until 3pm for Trillanes and Lim to stop this stand-off.

It’s now 2:22pm.

2:25pm: As I see the hustle of reporters at the hotel, i suddenly miss the strawberry shake of Manila Pen.

2:27pm: I’m wondering if the Peso will crash. Tomorrow’s a holiday, so we’ll see this Monday of the damage to the allegedly strong Philippine economy.

2:29: They’re showing a video clip recorded earlier of Trillanes and Lim marching at Makati Ave. I see the Magdalo flag. At 12 noon, they announced that demand the resignation of the President.

2:31pm: What the hell is Ces Orena Drilon wearing? She’s reporting live at the hotel. She is saying that the hotel has summoned vans to pick up their guests to be ferried away from ground zero. I can hear the tourism numbers dive now. But Ces’s outfit is screaming louder though.

2:39pm: A General is signalling the media to leave the hotel.

2:40pm: Ces Drilon just mentioned “The first ground floor.” What? there’s a second ground floor? Or a third ground floor?

2:42pm: There’s an insurance seminar at the Manila Pen today. Nothing spells doom than men in uniform and insurance people in one location.

2:48pm: I’m getting bored by this. I just heard that residents are not even allowed inside Fort Bonifacio. The Marines just released a statement that they are “loyal to the constitution.” Ho-hum. I’m thinking of what to eat right now: Spaghetti at Pancake house or McDonald’s Cheeseburger? Priorities. Priorities.

2:53 pm: Hasn’t Trillanes heard that we are the 2nd happiest nation in Asia?

2:55 pm: Reiterated and hackneyed statement “We are confident that the soldiers and the chain of command are behind the president.”

2:57 pm: When 3pm arrives and if hell is going to be let loose, I want to be alive to catch America’s Next Top Model tonight.

3:03 pm: My sister just sent me a message: “There is a wedding in Manila Peninsula scheduled tonight. guess who? daughter of General Montano.” Whooo booy….somebody wearing a bridal gown is having her nerves stretched now. Bridezillas are scarier than bratty military men. It gets worse if the bridezilla is a military daughter. Somebody is going to pay for this wedding interruption.

3:06 pm: The ABS-CBN reporter Doland Castro should not go in front of the camera. It’s offensive.

3:08 pm: Decided to eat spaghetti at Pancake House later. I hope this event did not force the restaurant to close early. My stomach is having its own coup d’etat.

3:1o pm: The internet is down. $&^%$&%&%#&%^

3:12 pm: Trillanes speaks “We are taking the lead from the people.”  Jesus.  I can’t believe this.  Trillanes is bellyaching about him not being allowed to serve his duties as senator by this government.  He rants, “This government has been devoid of any ethical considerations since the very beginning….we have enough will power and fighting spirit to bring this government down.”  He called out the citizenry to choose between Gloria Macapagal Arroyo or Change.

I like change.  We shouldn’t be afraid of change.

However, we should be afraid of men with messianic complex who flaunt bravery with their association to armory.  It’s so easy to mouth off slogans when you are backed by guns given your military background.

Merry Crisis-mas, everyone.



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  2. hahaha laftrip!

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