Posted by: nastypen | November 27, 2007

Shake, Rattle and Droll

So there I was….on this huge table at the faculty room. I was working on some rackets. I was hunched over before the computer and my feet were resting on the wheels of my chair. Then suddenly, the seat just moved me away from the computer.


I blurted to my coteachers, “earthquake.” they didn’t feel it. they looked at me as if I was crazed. Then a few seconds later, the tremor became stronger. the mirror on the wall jiggled. I became dizzy from the shifts of the ground. The professors then grabbed hold on their cubicles. The student taking her exam in the faculty room had fear in her eyes. She went to her professor and said she wants to leave the room.

We were at the top floor…of a building that was built before World War II.

It was the most powerful earthquake I felt in years. Truth be told, it was not a powerful jolt…however, the time lapse it occurred is a bit long….too long for comfort.

Some professors let their students out. Some of the students were screeching. Others were laughing. Others told me that it freaked them out when the lights overhead started dancing.

The professors were talking about disaster drills. One mentioned that this professor refused to go down the fire exit because she was wearing a skirt and that there may be a free peep show. I guess to some it’s better to be burnt to death than have someone have a look-see on their underwear.

I was particularly thankful that I “missed” my classes today.

“Missed” in the sense that I had to join the department chairperson and the College Dean to have a meeting with the University Chancellor regarding plans for the centennial. We were scheduled to have our turn at 9:30am. My classes start from 10-11:30, then 11:30 to 1.

We had our turn at 11:30am. So, I missed two of my classes. I had to sit inside this meeting hall with esteemed doctors and academicians discussing plans for the University. The designer Lor Calma was there to present his proposed look for a building that will be refurbished for the Centennial Celebrations.

I was just thankful that there was FOOD in the place. Of course, it was so embarrassing that a giant blot like me would move towards the food table….about four times in ten minutes to gobble. I really wanted to bring the entire platter of watermelons to my table. It is an interesting experience to eat this fruit with the juice dribbling at the sides of my mouth in the presence of people whose collective IQ’s can be the suprabrain of humanity.

The meeting was so long and droll. I thought if this is the life of the University Chancellor listening to bellyachings, empty questions, maze-like answers, I wondered why people thought that I aspire to be at the upper echelons of academic world. Bitch, please. just pass me the watermelon chunks.

This is why I despised cubicled existence and eventually left…the never-ending-chasing-our-own-tails types of meetings. There was a point at the gathering today wherein the people with Doctoral degrees were arguing whether to use the word “Preferably” or not for a certain ruling of a proposed office. Again, pass me the watermelon chunks, please!

After two hours of waiting, our turn came. It was all over in ten minutes. Two hours for ten minutes. Not a bad deal when you get free watermelon chunks.

So, we returned to the college and saw some of my students to which I apologized for missing their class. So, I went to the faculty room and organized my files…and did some rackets.

Then the earth moved under my feet.



  1. Lor Calma again? scam na yan 😀

  2. No doubt when Carole King wrote “I Feel The Earth Move” this was not the earth-shaking experience she hankered for. Hehehe.

  3. Mito: Oo nga! Scam ba talaga? Well…I heard ang cubicles sa CR ninyo walang doors!!!! Ganohn!?!?!?

    Faye: Carole King can stop earthquakes. hahahaha

  4. Hmmm. Let’s hope the UP Manila building is designed by an architect who is attuned to the needs of…human beings who need to pee without an audience. Hehehe.

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