Posted by: nastypen | November 24, 2007

The Return of the Guilty Pleasure

Dear God, Santa Claus and whoever it is that grants us material gain this yuletide season,

pray with me....

I would like to thank you for two things.

A.) I got my salary. Yes, after six months of being a teacher, my first paycheck has arrived! Yes, hookers at Pegasus make more in three minutes than my accumulated salary in six months, but thank goodness for small mercies.

B.) I have seen my long lost brother. I know i am the only son, but after seeing this guy, I am convinced he is my spiritual brother. I thank you for making me see that my spiritual brother can appear in one of my most favorite things on earth….

and that is, of course…..

Heidi Klum is hotter than Tyra with a weave on!

Oh yes!!! Oh yes!!! Project Runway Season 4! Look how Christ-like Heidi is in this picture. Fashion + blasphemy = love. I have always loved his show. I love it more than America’s Next Top Model….and Lord knows how much I LOVE Tyra Banks telling the world that modelling is as difficult as astrophysics. I was all smiles when I have finished downloading the latest episodes of Project Runway.

When I was in college, my professor told me that I could be a fashion designer. Thing is, I don’t know how to sew. So it’s like being a painter without knowing the difference between red and blue. So I vicariously live my creative fashion fantasies in this show. now the current roster has the most talented designers to date.

Now about my long lost spiritual brother….here he is:

I heart Chris

Oh God! This is Chris. He’s a 44-year old contestant here. His “Fashion Must” is (drum roll please) “Bright-colored anything!” Me too! He and I could do a dance number together with that aloha polo of his! But what had me at hello is what he was wearing at the show’s opening billboard:

Love Love LOVE!!!!!

And this is from his video bio from the website:

work it!!!!!!!

Well, hello there, Mizz Fierce Brosnan!!!!! Feral print polo! Where can I get one of those?!?!?! On the first episode when everyone ran to get their materials, Chris lumbered gracefully like a bear which is like watching me if ever I joined Amazing Race. “I will not run, I will saunter. Or at least hop and skip” is what I will say to cameras. And Chris did this, too. Addie noted the outfit above, “Just like the Flintstones.” Which made my heart aflutter even more. Damn, I’m still hitting myself for not buying that pair of leopard print Chuck Taylors with faux fur! Lordy, even the hair! My hair is growing long and it sticks out just like his!

Although Chris is a good designer (his first gown is so fab), this guy is my favorite:

Israeli hottie

Rami…..oh you so sexy……His work is clean and elegant and what women would generally want. Chris’s design is for divas. And not all of us can be divas. It’s all about mass market…and Rami has the goods to be commercially-suitable. But it’s still early in the game. so, his designs might grow bad in the future episodes. But I have my eyes on this designer. There are other designers that I like. I like them:

…because of her hair (and her sense of style is street meets fluff). this girl promises to bring in the sass!


…because he looks like a scruffy pervert. Ohhh….he looks menacing and nasty and I love him already. Oh the irony….even if he does look scruffy, check out the “manscaping” on this one….his eyebrows are plucked and his beard is groomed.

Kim Pistol!!!!

…because of her name: Kim Pistol and her designs are quirky….something I would wear had I been a woman with a 20-inch waistline.

And of course, you have the token queen of the bunch:


…I hate this emo hair. I want to snatch those locks and hurl them at the garbage disposal. But his first design is fantastic:

love the jacket!!!!

Look at that jacket! that’s well-made and the tailoring is exquisite. I love the hair of the model….The hairstyle looks familiar…..

Bibeth is the bomb!!!!

… reminds me of Bibeth Orteza in Temptation Island. I tell you, kids, the 80s crazy-ass style is making a comeback and this time it’s cleaner and less on the crazy.

Anyhooo, their first guest judge this season is:


Woohoo!!!! Oha! Cebuana beauty and fashion designer Monique Lhuillier! Bisdak represent! Sus, dai! Mabuang jud ko nimo! Bisan pag-pronounce sa imong ngalan kahilangnan pa-class na ron! Gemma iring, dai!

Now for the Project Runway Philippines, I hear some news that the host is Ruffa Gutierrez-Bektas. Please, Lord, no. This woman managed to pronounce “photo” to make it sound so irritating and vapid. Well, I know that our country is brimming with talent so I will watch this one, too. I will just have to bear Ruffa as some men would bear hernia.



  1. hey congrats on finding your brother! i thought fred flinstone, too. 😀 about the local runway, sana si apples abrein or tweety gonzales na lang ang host!

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