Posted by: nastypen | November 14, 2007

All the Way From the Promised Land

Oh My God. I can’t breathe.  I just found out that Israeli director Tomer Heymann is coming to Manila!

“Who is he?”  Check out the hotness…..

Well, hello there, too....

He is so fine.  Sorry, ladies, he plays for my team.  Yes, he’s gay.

He will conduct some student workshops at some select Universities.  I am so tempted to pull my connections at the press to grant me an interview. But that would be a bad idea because I will just be grinning and giggling with him around.

There will be a free screening of Paper Dolls at the UP Film Institute.  Paper Dolls is a documentary of Filipino male caregivers who happen to dress up as women when the itch needs to be scratched.   I wrote about it  last April.

They will also screen the movie Yossi and Jagger.  It’s about a gay couple in the Israeli Military.  You might say it’s the Hebrew version of Brokeback Mountain with bigger guns.  When it was screened here years ago, I stole the poster.  Catch these flicks please.

The workshop in UP will be at November 22.  I’m guessing that’s the same day they will show his films there.

I would want to ask him…whisper to his ear “Please prove to me that you come from the land of milk and honey.”

Tee hee hee.

Ok, I can feel Addie’s disapproving stare burning my nape…..

Will I go and watch?  Honestly?  No.  I already saw his films.  Besides, I got no time.  But the news made me giddy for three minutes and that is enough.



  1. wow! another gay fab event 🙂 sayang naman nde ka pa gogogo….

  2. Let’s try to not look at this as a “gay event”. Surely the screening of his films have the right to be called events in themselves without them being highlighted as “gay”.

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