Posted by: nastypen | November 13, 2007

[airquote] I Am Tired [/airquote]

I was so tired today I got into a cab and went home. I fell asleep. I snored. I snored so loud that I awoke myself. I’m that tired I guess.

The first two days of the semester are done. I met my students. I’m sure I’m going to get some late registrants before this week is over. I wasn’t able to go to ALL of my classes though. It was pretty stupid of me. I didn’t check the days and my eyes are tired ergo I thought that this class was on today. Turns out it was yesterday and I didn’t show up! Just as well though, my shoe just committed suicide on me.

Yesterday, I went home limping. A student thought I hurt myself. Nope, I hurt my suede shoe for walking with this weight for years. The shoe just said good-bye.

So, I’m still a bit in a daze. I wish the semestral break was ten months long. Yeah right. I kid. Sort of.

Now, I have extra duties for the school which I REALLY don’t mind.

Today, I got my ATM card for the payroll. Joy! I checked how much moolah I got. “Insufficient funds.” Yes, I still have no salary. I don’t know if I can do this to any other work environment but UP. It will be a badge of honor to say, “I went to work for six months without salary.” Well, if I don’t get my salary by December, then make that seven months. This is love, bitch.

That Christmas would be in the poverty line but I still have my ATM card to symbolize hope. Ahahahaaha.

Despite the fact that I am in in a bind financially, I hemorrhaged my already comatose savings by purchasing art materials. I decided to venture back into an art form that I first did way back in 1993. 1993. FOURTEEN years! My students were still in their nappies when I did that art! God, I am old……and fabulous!

But I got the itch back and will do this art again. This sort of art was not even tackled by yours truly back when my waistline was in the 20s days at the College of Fine Arts. I did this art form even before I started painting in oils and acrylics.

I will post the artwork as soon as I am done with it. this is why despite the vacant wallet, the bloodshot eyes, the falling asleep while standing and waiting for a cab, I am not really tired. I find myself injected with such anticipation.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. “I am old… and fabulous”

    You’re fabulous! That’s all that counts! Hahaha! ^_^

  2. When you’re in love with work, you really won’t mind the money haha 🙂 condolence to the suede shoes, my rubber shoes is on life-support too.

  3. “I am old… and fabulous”
    napakagandang catch phrase 🙂

  4. Hi Chong!
    Enjoyed this blog post and can’t wait to see the artwork.
    Commiseration on the shoe situation. Can relate too. Have been here two months and my feet have already murdered a pair. Didn’t reckon on all the cobblestones and the amount of walking required. (What can I say, stupid AND lazy, that’s me.)

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