Posted by: nastypen | November 9, 2007

The Best Pic of My Childhood

This is also my best pic with my siblings.  That’s me wearing the cute red dress.

I kid.  I kid.  That’s my little sister.  Of course that’s me on the right mugging and perhaps staring maliciously at the glass of coke.  My mom was so livid that I don’t really pose.  I make faces and look so awkward.  Well, perhaps she will be comforted that her only son now loves America’s Next Top Model and can smile with his eyes as taught by Tyra Banks?

I am not staring at the coke.  I remember the shot though.  I really don’t like to have my photo taken.  So I was pretty impatient and just leaned over and when they yelled smile, I scrunched my face.

Yet, it turned out pretty good.  This photo has been on my father’s desk in several time zones.  Now, it’s resting in a far corner in a bookshelf in Cebu.



  1. cuteness!

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