Posted by: nastypen | November 6, 2007

“Sueno más atractivo en español”

I could hear my friend Faye purr that line which means “I sound sexier in Spanish.”

Her article has been translated into Spanish by Cosmopolitan Spain.  She wrote about the interesting places you can have rapiditos (quickie sex).  Faye said, “It seems I’m good enough for Spain.  I think of them Spaniards trying out these positions.”

I just gushed, “Faye, I’m so proud of you!  this is practically reverse colonialism!  Congratulations!”

Faye is more introspective, “It’s too crazy.  All of the sudden it may be possible to hook up with Daniel Craig.”

Give me his undies as souvenir, Faye, if and when that happens.  You can have him, flesh, blood and other bodily fluids.  Just get me those undies.



  1. […] solamente una vez. Translation: You only live once. (Don’t you just love Spanish? I think I sound sexier in that language. Or maybe I’m just hungry […]

  2. Si, mi muy guapa amiga!

  3. …and here’s a Spanish smiley:



  4. How does one squeal in Spanish?

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