Posted by: nastypen | November 1, 2007


Today is my dad’s death anniversary. Black is the “color” of choice. Eight years ago at my father’s wake, an old lady, a relation came up to me and said I have the gift. Like her, I have my intuition fired up and could sense netherworld creatures.

I was supposed to finish editing a short film today while my sister and Den go to Tagaytay. I told them I don’t want to join them because Den’s house in Tagaytay gives me the creeps….like there’s a ghost there.

…that is until my sister told me she saw a lady gliding towards my room AGAIN.

There have been reports from neighbors that they would see a lady in white in our pad. My sister saw this lady always gliding towards my room. the lady in white does not show her face but my sister said all she could see was black hair cascading down the back. My sister would not kid about these things. She, herself, has had several encounters with spirits. Apparently, she can see them whereas I could feel and hear them. I could only see them in my peripheral vision.

My sister sees them up front.

So, with this piece of revelation, I decided to pack up my gear and join them in Tagaytay not because the spirits there are nonexistent but because I’d rather be there than be here alone with a white lady hovering behind me. And there are several times that I could feel that someone is staring at my back.

There are times in the middle of the night when I have to go to the bathroom, i hesitate opening the door because I just know there is something out there standing by the doorway. And I usually get these jitters because there is a presence and not some paranoid manifestation of mine.

I turn around or open the door and there is nothing, of course, but that does not mean it is NOTHING.

Even the helper said as recent as some few days ago, she saw a white lady sitting on the couch by my door staring at her. The helper didn’t flinch and asked her a question and the lady disappeared.

What is it with my room that this lady keeps hovering back to? I am sure as hell there is nothing in my closet that will fit her unless she wants to make one of my boxers into a poncho. I DO get strange dreams but not all the time. I wake up in the middle of the night not because of a ghost but because Onyx nudged me awake and wants to go out.

I have no idea. I will just draw and read in Tagaytay.

However, that white lady means me no harm. Had she wanted to, something should have happened a long time ago. Even Onyx does not growl nor snarl at nothing. Although there are times when Onyx would sit up and just stare at a corner. At the same corner. By the door.

Ah well.

To think I was awake till 4am editing some short films. I did feel someone at my back. I thought nothing of it except for the occasional nervous glance to see if someone is there.

Anyway, I’m just happy to have changed the wallpaper of my desktop and here it is:

Baclayon Church

It’s hard to see from the wallpaper but I am downloading season 2 of Ugly Betty. Gahd. I would have wanted an Ugly Betty marathon but I don’t want to be left here because I am sure that white lady will watch with me also.


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