Posted by: nastypen | October 30, 2007

I Was Expecting This…

I’m at Mactan International Airport. My flight is delayed. They have not made announcements as to when they will fly us back to the searing armpit that is Manila. Thank goodness for the free WiFi. I could surf for porn as these brats scream for their milk in the far end of the boarding gate….and I could blog.

I was expecting that my flight was delayed. I was originally booked for the 1145pm flight out to Manila. they moved me earlier because they combined the two flights. Now, I am straining hard to listen for any announcements because of the children’s scream that seem to magnify after the announcement of delay.

The day started out in a panic. I was supposed to get the invitations for the wedding but the printer failed to deliver. Ergo they have to send the invites via courier. I was already packed the night before. Then I checked on some of my stuff. When I closed the suitcase the zipper just went pfft.

Great. I had to get a new suitcase. I went to the mall and bled my savings for a new suitcase. At least the suitcase is orange and matches my shoes, laptop and laptop bag. I could be the goddamn spokesperson for the color orange in sesame street.

Well. Now me and my orange shoes are waiting for any announcements by Cebu Pacific’s staff for any updates. All I could hear are children screaming and running and simpering. If this isn’t purgatory, I don’t know what is.

I was just thinking why bring in children in this country when massive crooks get a pardon? What’s the point for a hope for a future when people take the easy road of self-preservation? What’s the point for hoping for progress when outrage is nowhere to be seen by this pardon which is just a slap across the faces of justice and the Filipino people? All these children frolicking in the airport gate…they will inherit a failed pathetic nation run down by myopic morons.

Jesus. This delay is getting on my nerves now. 42 minutes ago, I was happy eating Thai food. Now, politics and cynicism compound the irritation I get from braying whelps.

I think I better surf for porn now. It might be calming.

Oh joy. they just announced that the flight is delayed because we have to change planes. However, the plane we are waiting for has yet to fly from Manila. Ergo, instead of leaving at 945pm, we shall be leaving at 1155pm! Cebu Pacific is the best. Just like the executive branch of this country’s government…you can rely on their inefficiencies.


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