Posted by: nastypen | October 29, 2007


I was in a cab in Cebu.  I reached my destination and the fare clocked in at 37.50 pesos.  I handed the cabbie 40 pesos and almost went down.  The cab driver yelped for me to stop and got off and crossed the street to a sari-sari store.  He went back to hand me my 2.50 peso change.

I’m so used to the fuckery Metro Manila taxi drivers hurl at the commuters that I was left all agog at this act.

Will a Metro Manila taxi driver do the same thing?

Uhmmmm….right….A Metro Manila taxi driver giving me change?!?! HAH!  There is a greater chance for a convicted president of plunder to receive pardon than to find a Metro Manila taxi cab driver who will give me my change.

Ah….yes…..the Erap pardon…..I am way past disbelief now.  I cannot forget the way I found out. It was early morning in Cebu.  I don’t have TV nor do I go online often here.  I was stuck in traffic and the newsboys were waving newspapers with the headline “PARDONED” emblazoned on Erap’s ugly mug.

I screamed “WHAT?!” that can be heard within a radius of four cars.  I could write about the stupidity of this event…how detrimental this is to our country.  But I asked myself, “What for?  Whatever I say, crooks like Erap get away with it in this extremely farcical political system.”

It has been days now since that atrocity happened and I am still seething.

What lesson do we get from this kids?  Do wrong things like plunder the economy worth millions of pesos and get away with it eventually.

Might as well set the rapists free from prisons as well….this country is fucked all the same.



  1. oo nga e. mapapamura ka talaga. go forth and steal and steal big!

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