Posted by: nastypen | October 1, 2007

It’s an…uhm…Honor?

I just found out that America’s fallen sweetheart Britney Spears has mentioned my beloved country in her song piece of me. Here goes:

I’m Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don’t matter if I step on the scene
Or sneak away to the Philippines
They still got pictures of my derrière in the magazine
You want a piece of me?
You want a piece of me…

Uh, no, Britney, I don’t want a piece of you….

Oh gee wow. To be mentioned by Britney…such a largess of honor. Wow. To be introduced to a generation of trashy pop music listeners! I can see it now. Some bimbo twirling her curls, sipping on her slurpee (immune to brainfreeze) and wistfully looking up in the sky, “Uhm Philippines? That’s like a country in like the Bahamas right?” Oh yes, Britney is putting us on the map.

What? Philippines rhymes with “scene” and “17?” Oh gee wow! Such poetry! W.H. Auden‘s poetry is dung beetle’s dung compared to this magnificence. And we all know what a great “artist” Britney is! I’m sure somebody wrote this for her. I bet “Philippines” is easier to sing than “Nile River estuarine.”

I am sure there will be some people here that will be all smiles and full of glee and say “Hey, my country is in Britney’s song.” Big freaking wow. It’s like being so proud that a Filipina had an extra role in that film Her Alibi as loudmouth maid acting out a puking scene.

Some comments I found here:

Philippines!! REPRESENT! WOOT WOOT! Brit Brit’s a dumbass

I’m honored she put Philippines in there but I bet she doesn’t know where it is! Lovin’ the self-destructing-comeback Brit! Way to go!

Oh men! im from the she mentioned in the song (i hope u do know where it is, but its ok if u do not know) im a fan or her and im gonna for sure buy it. CAn’t for wait it! Love u Brit! Keep ur head up!

britney…do you know where the PHILIPPINES is?

I do not think Brit brit even know where Philippines is. She hasn;t been there yet. She won’t even give a hoot about the Filipinos. She just want the Filipinos to back her up. PR manipulation.


Oh Praised be Jesus and Mary, we’re in a Britney song. Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo should declare a national holiday once this song hits the airwaves! I’m waiting for the local TV news programs to make a story out of this. Lord knows, the news people feel this country needs more “good news.” Please. Puke and a half!



  1. Ha ha ha! Love this entry. Big deal, seriously.

  2. We’d get a lot more mentions if our country’s name rhymed more with words like “party” “bitches”, or “hos”. Look what having a good name did for Bacardi….

  3. bwahahahahahaha 100x on “nile river estuarine”… you, dear diva..make me laugh. thanks.

  4. as if pupunta sya talaga ng Pinas no hahaha

    pero you know what..i love “gimme more”. i listen to it nga every morning pag papunta na ako sa office. i support britney spears din kasi she really is a great performer. magulo lang talaga buhay nya ngayon pero sana umayos na sya.

    as for the lyrics..well what do we expect? deep messages and metaphors? wala talagang kwenta yung lyrics basta pag britney. shes an image performer (parang spice girls w/c i LURVE btw haha).

    sana wag ma-newspaper ito. sayang lang sa ink =p

  5. wow, you took the words right out of my mouth and ran with it hehehe. nakakatawa talaga ang mga comments

  6. Did you hear about the comment that Teri Hatcher said in Desperate Housewives about the Philippines?

  7. stop ganging up on britney..and yes Im really crying!<–sabi sa youtbe video

    LolZ! …

    Teka ikasisikat ba ng Pinas kung sakaling maligaw siya dito?

  8. To Lanid…yes, narinig ko na yun…di ko na papatulan. let me just put it this way….between the Philippines and America, which country gave the women the right to vote first?…hint: It’s NOT the land of the free and the home of the brave. Kaya, kung mang-insulto man sila….as if naman maganda bansa nila noh. Dios mio.

  9. Oh yeah… hit my bibi one more time.

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