Posted by: nastypen | September 27, 2007

The Best Drunk Dancing on Earth

It’s October in less than a week?!!? At least Octoberfest is here!!!! Right. as if. I’d be spending the first weeks of October checking papers that amount to AT LEAST 750 pages in total.

Anyway, Manila’s Octoberfest is marketed to young adults that it’s cool to be in the zone of inebriation. They even featured Jet Li as a model for a certain brand commercial. Drink lots of beer, run on walls, impress everyone by seeming to float on air.

I guess anything is possible when you’re drunk.

But of all the drunken messes on earth, there is one scene in an iconic movie in global cinematic history that comes to mind. Here are a couple of samplings:

Love Love LOVE!!!!!

Is it a clip from an ancient liquor commercial? This is so much better than a Martial Artist careening down a room of glamazons in dark glittering little dresses and not-so-good-looking men made handsome because of money.

Dance for me!!!!

And it’s a dance sequence at that! Pink flamingos on a mural? Faux Spanish matador costume? Gold-fringed undies? Flaming red wig?! I promise you, don’t be afraid, you won’t regret it…..

I present to you one of Bollywood’s most indelible and endemic scenes, the dance sequence from Caravaan, the song Piya Tu Ab To Aaja (Lover come to me now). I don’t give a f*ck what you say but my guilty pleasures are lavish and campy Bollywood film clips.

I remember seeing this movie on cable (back when the cable operators did not ask the subscribers to pay extra to watch the Hindi channels like Channel Zee) when I was in high school. I immediately fell in love. My mom wanted to watch the news but I begged her for me to finish this scene. She took one look at the girl and asked “Sira ulo ba yan?” (Is she crazy?) Ah…my mother will never understand my worship of all things campy.

Watch the clip below and find out why my mom thought it was insanity. I love the part “Monikaaaah oh mhay dharleeeng!”

there are so many things to love this film clip.

Don’t you just love how she staggers from the bar to a nearby table?

How about the song? the breathlessness of eager love captured in upbeat tempo!

And her make-up! Her face could qualify as a wonder of the world! Her architectural hair! Have you noticed that no matter how she flays her head predating Beyonce, her blunt bangs are still almost intact? And her nails! The jewelry she is wearing could be deemed as weapons of mass destruction!

The costumes! Jeebus! It’s only a vision that can be borne out of a drug-induced haze! I love the part when she “unraveled” her frills to reveal that sexy(?!) two-piece golden glory. And the guy’s outfit! He’s like the love child of Kuya Germs and Liberace! Clowns would have died with envy.

The choreography! I love the part when she twirled on a lamp post on a table which ended up with her body seductively wanton on a table. ..and she starts to convulse! I bet the strippers on Hip Hop videos got nothing compared to this goddess. And her doing a truncated limbo rock underneath the slide! Isn’t she one of the best cage dancers on earth, too? Oh Lord! You have to give it to Bollywood for its production values! They practically deified cheesiness which I adore! Laugh if you must, but I don’t think it’s funny to be the largest film industry on earth eh?

Maybe the next time I’m tipsy, I should do an homage to this greatness.

Everyone needs a Bollywood dance sequence to brighten up their lives. This one’s mine.

If youtube decides to take this down, visit my Multiply site.



  1. Bwahahhahahhah!!!

  2. Hehehe. You are right…
    Some might find it weird to their preferences, but I find it fascinating…

    Culture by culture… respect at least if not acceptance.


  3. wahahhaa! naloka ako sa 3:46! akala ko nag remix bigla. hahaha

    and she kinda looks like say alonzo ah.. only 10 times better looking. hahaha

  4. and she kinda looks like say alonzo ah.. only 10 times better looking. hahaha


    and 1000 times more talented. wahehehe

  5. this made my day hahaha! what a way to kick off oktoberfest hihi. funny but very fascinating. respect!

  6. Heehee…

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