Posted by: nastypen | September 26, 2007

Muppets Make the World a Better Place

I rather not work for the moment. No, I am not watching the Philippine senate inquiry on government kickbacks. I’d rather watch muppets.

Almost everyone I know is all aglow from watching the Manila run of Avenue Q. Nope, I didn’t catch it. PhP1,300 is a bit steep for me to watch how Filipinos make good carbon copies of American disenfranchisement among the young adults. I like the musical, and no, this is not the first time I heard the word “Schadenfreude.” Give me a little credit here, please! The only time you make me shell that much money if it involves gadgets that I like or books.

I missed out on the Manila production of Rent. And now this. I am not really upset over this. The last time I was upset and it involved a stage production was when I decided to treat myself to watch Agnes Locsin‘s Engkantado at the Cultural Center of the Philippines years and years ago. It was my birthday and it was my gift to myself. I went there all giddy and they just announced that the show was canceled. There were not enough tickets sold. That sucked! I was counting the days to see the magnificent work of Locsin and Ballet Philippines! God, I even wore red then. What a bummer. And you have people squealing about how good Avenue Q, Miss Saigon, and Rent were! How deliciously colonial.

So, I give in to the colonial mindset a bit as I celebrate the greatest music video of the band Weezer. God, the lead singer Rivers Cuomo is so hot because he is smart and good looking!  Take it away, boys and muppets.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I don’t think I missed anything when I didn’t watch Avenue Q. I do miss Pong Pagong though. Those Avenue Q puppets have nothing compared to Pong Pagong, bitch!



  1. Wow! You know what? I’ve been hearing these guys but never appreciate their sound until now… Ü

    And for pointing out that indeed, the lead singer is a cutie 😀

  2. WeeeeeZer! i love ’em.

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