Posted by: nastypen | September 23, 2007

It’s a Vlog, Vitch!

This is my very first Video Blog (Vlog) ever.

What I learned from it is: Clean my nose before having a close-up. Sorry, folks, for some booger sighting. My mother will smack my face across for forgetting what she has taught me since I could walk, clean your nose before talking to people….

Anyway, this is my good friend Blas and I fooling around with the camera and talking about shit/life. Warning: This video is in English and in Filipino.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What else have I learned? Well, I have to read the manual. I really don’t bother myself with these manuals but then again, it looks like I have to. I don’t know why there are glitches as the video is played. They weren’t there in the computer.

I should bring a tripod next time. It’s like I’m having the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

I should do proper elocution as well. “Imma upload?!” What the? I sound like a Southern Californian Mall girl! And the grammar! “On the left eye?” It should be “On the left cheek!” hahahah! Yes, I’m quite self-critical.

I know. I know. “Blair Bitch Project” is hardly original. But it felt so raw and unrefined…just like that movie. We didn’t have a script. I just shot whatever happened. This is how we converse and it’s not contrived. We just mouthed off words to the camera. It is like reality TV only with no marketing machinery.

Ah well, this is also my first foray of Mac’s iMovie ’08 software. I had no idea how to use it. But that did not daunt me. I managed to come up with a relatively clean clip. Not bad for a first-timer in this area. I am proud to say that I managed to edit everything in less than an hour. Hahaha. The neighbors had to slam their windows shut so as to not hear the film clips running all over again. I am quite meticulous in terms of flow. Too bad, I was just in a hurry to make music for the soundtrack.

Wow. What’s next? Porno?!?!?!? Why the hell not? Just as long as it’s not me in front of the camera. It’ll be fantastic! If only I could make money out of coming up with kitschy Pinoy pornstar names like De-bra-less, Boy Bawal, Hiyas de la Joga, Tonton Tilamsik, or Tililing Jones! We shall see.



  1. Yeah! More video bloggers, all right!

  2. yey! buti may vlog ka na rin! sobrang fan ako ng mga nag v-vlog. try mo watch yung vlogs ni kevjumba (and happyslip narin siguro) sa youtube. hehehe. more videos from the diva please!! hehehe

    ingats sir chong! say hello to blas for me

  3. oh my god! you look great, chong! and blas, i just want to hug you, and squeeze you, and call you george. Hahahahahaha!

  4. Winner! galing… exploring and making most of ALL your gadgetries (if there’s such a word!)…

    go for it… 😉

    more vlog to come dapat ha?!

  5. “proper lubrication is the key to a healthy relationship”
    —- that’s a winner. it sent me to humor heaven. more VLOGs pa sir!

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