Posted by: nastypen | September 16, 2007

This From Seeking Comfort

This is how I tired I am lately. I take a cab and I sleep as I am driven to work. I normally take the MRT and LRT trains and then walk, but recently, I wasn’t feeling very well so I take a cab.

I get in a cab and the goddamn taxi driver is listening to that stupid and current hit “suicidal” song. I plunge my ears with music by Yoyo Ma from my iPod and start snoring. On the way to work, I was roused from my sleep when the taxi driver just revved up his car and we were careening down a street. I was still drowsy and the taxi driver was jabbering something. Much to my horror, we were sandwiched by policemen on motorcycles.

Apparently, we were being chased by cops! Was my snoring criminal?

It was surreal making swerves in a crowded street befitting a location for a Lino Brocka exploitative flick on the urban poor. I did not really panic. I was breathing evenly and still listening to calming music of the cello. I threw a glance at the driver and he had a crazed look and was just mouthing off. He was screaming because I could hear him say “This is unfair!” amidst the full volume of my iPod.

At first, I did not know where we are. Then it dawned on me that we were near the old Paco train station by the railroad tracks. A huge van screeched in front of us and the chase was over. The owner of the huge van turned out to be a caricature policeman of rank. Bulbous stomach hanging over the belt, with a holster, swollen face amplifying his scowl. He was screaming at the taxi driver obscenities and Lord knows what. I was still listening to Yoyo Ma.

The taxi driver got out. there was a screaming match. There were some pushing and traffic slowed down because people were staring at us. I bet they thought I was a criminal who coerced the driver to escape the police. I was still sitting and not really agitated. I wasn’t feeling well, remember? This is why I took the taxi.

The taxi driver was getting more animated. I took off the earphones and reconstructed the “crime scene.” At one point, the taxi driver stopped at a red light, however, his cab was on the pedestrian lane. So, one policeman approached him to give him a ticket. The taxi driver refused to admit he was wrong citing “what law did he break?” People, ignorance to the law is not an excuse. So, while the cop was jotting down some notes, the cab driver floored it and we were off. All of this happened as I snored.

So, the cab driver thought he escaped the law and was whooping his victory even to a point of tapping me and asking maniacally, “Did you see that?” I was just too drowsy to comprehend until I saw a couple of angry policemen flanking me.

So, there I was in a cab that was at the center of a slowed-down traffic. I rummaged through my wallet. Opened the door, the driver was screeching at increasingly irate policemen. I heard one commuter in a jeepney said, “Shoot him to shut up.” Great. I thought if there will be a shoot out and with my girth, the chances of me being shot are quite huge. I thought should I text my loved ones goodbye in case in two seconds later I become a headline for a tabloid. Nah. I was not feeling well and thought I do not want to hear this exercise of futility. I got out handed the taxi driver the money.

Before I could walk away, I was grabbed by the driver and was screaming that I could be a witness to police brutality. His definition of police brutality is the police kicking the fender of his car. I was quite calm and pried his fingers off and said, “How can I be a witness when I was asleep?” I was the one keeping a hold at my temper because I don’t want my blood pressure going astronomical on me. I am tired. I have to work. I am stressed. My salary will be given to me just in time for my 30th birthday in March. I have a migraine. And all this sh*t is happening because of some stupid cab driver whose greed for speed is causing this major drama.

I hate police brutality. I also hate dumb, greedy, abusive Metro Manila taxi drivers.

I just walked away feeling the veins on my temple throb. I was in a major thoroughfare and near a squatters colony famous for murdering people who get lost in their maze. I did not rush to jump into a cab because there were no cabs. This is not a plum route for cabs. I got in a jeepney and went to work.

I arrived at UP Manila and the coteachers are asking what happened to me because I looked messed up.

I just want to finish my classes, go home and sleep. this time, I took the trains.

….this is character-building…….. this is character-building…….. this is character-building…….. this is character-building….



  1. OMG! What a nightmare.
    Buti ok ka lang.
    Take care and hope you feel better soon.

  2. I hate that damn song! That song is jinxed!


  3. Minsan swerte, minsan talaga minamalas… 😦 But things will always fall into its proper places 😉

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