Posted by: nastypen | September 16, 2007

How Sweet It Is!

Ah, my mobile phone is abuzz. People are texting me about the University of the Philippines’ Pep squad winning this year’s cheer dancing competition. I don’t give a rat’s ass about our dismal basketball performance. It was a clean sweep of zeros for our basketball players. Tsk tsk. Ever since I became a UP student, the only time you can spark interest in me regarding a UAAP event is when cheer leading is involved.

Maybe, the title for this blog entry is “Kiss Our Centennial Ass.” But, such brazen a declaration reeks of hubris. We deserve something substantial than cockiness, eh?

I am still beaming. A sweet afternoon it was, indeed.

I am sure the internet forums and chat rooms are flooded with bickering and rants about the UAAP Cheer Dancing competition. I can see it now. Some people will make statements like these:

It’s a good thing UP won something considering their basketball team had a dismal run.

Well, UP should win or else their fraternities will beat the other teams to death.

Pambawi lang ito ng UP kasi namatayan sila.

Let’s give UP a chance. We’ve been winning for the longest time and it is very tiring to be a winner all the time.

If that UST girl didn’t fall, UP would just be second.

UP just won by a fraction. So, they’re really not that good.

Oh please, these are such predictable meanderings. Bitch and moan all you want, UP’s victory tastes so sweet.

I didn’t know that the cheer dancing competition was today! I don’t keep tabs anymore. All I know is when I entered my sister’s room to bid farewell because I shall be going out, the TV was blaring the cheers. My plans were thwarted because I thought it would be nice to watch this….for nostalgia.

When the announcement of the winner was made, I whooped for joy and my sister and I hugged! We were elated. It was well-deserved. I genuinely felt happy for the pep squad who were reduced to tears.

So, the routines of the schools were played out with fantastic moves, lifts, tosses, pyramids, and twists. Gone are the days of the simple pompoms. The pyramids became more elaborate. UST and UP had their routines rendering the cheer leaders looking like synchronized automatons. Disturbing yet breathtaking.

– blog, interrupted-

Just an interesting addition, I haven’t worn this shirt for years. I saw it scrunched at the back of the closet. Took it out and it still fits! So I wore it, an hour later UP won.

You know it's good for you, too....

Does this mean masturbation is good for the state university? uhmm…errr…..

– blog, interrupted, stopped-


I texted all my friends the moment it was announced that we’re winners. The homos, of course, we’re quick to text me their congratulations. This intensity of feeling is the same level as if our country winning Miss freaking Universe. Of course, it is such a huge relief that we bagged the crown. Ten minutes before they announced the winner, I yelled, “If we win, I’m treating everyone (in that room) to dinner.”

Well, I’m several hundreds of pesos poorer now but I didn’t mind.

What I did mind is one of the cheers that irked me though. It went “uuuu….uuuu….Unibersidad ng Pilipinas?!?!” What the fuh was that cheer? It sounds like gorilla mating calls at the start! Be that as it may, it’s still fab that we won. Let the rest have furrowed brows and snarls, that does not erase the fact that we’re winners.

However, I am so proud of that scene in which a UST cheer leader came over to hug a UP cheer leader.  I appreciate such grace and sportsmanship.  It was a beautiful three seconds of interscholastic camaraderie.  UST is a formidable foe in this arena.  It was glorious to have beaten such a strong contender.

Although, I must add that I found De La Salle University’s routine to be spot-on cool and great.  I love the shaved heads and the guys doing popping instead of extensions.  Love it.  Love the green afros turned pompoms!  They should have placed!  And Ateneo de Manila University’s blue babble brigade was the biggest improvement of them all.  I love the clean sharp routines.  It is great that the rest of the universities are treating cheer dancing with utmost focus and preparation.  Who would have thought cheering is the new battlefield?

Congratulations, UP Pep Squad, you cannot stop the flood, bitches!



  1. U-P FIGHT!… well, for the cheerleading category! 😉

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