Posted by: nastypen | September 1, 2007

So, I went to the barbers today….

….and got a hair cut and had a shave…..

Look ma, no facial hair!

It’s the very first time in my life that somebody else shaved my mustache and beard off. Strange experience. But I wanted to do this. I haven’t been clean-shaven this year and it’s September already. The “ber” months are here?!?!

Anyway, the first time I shaved was when I was 16.  I had a lot of cuts then.  Now, pushing 30, I had another man shave me.  Yes, I go to a barbershop.  I don’t go to salons nor do I have a stylist.  Friends recommend their stylists/parlor pets.  Do I need one?  Hahahahaha.

The barber had to make me lie down and cover my eyes.  Why?  Perhaps it is not comfortable to watch another man hover over you with a blade?  It was a relaxing experience to tell you frankly.  I almost fell asleep.  The barber could have just slit my throat right then and there and I wouldn’t know what hit me.  I must say he did a great job.  I was not this clean shaven and smooth in more than a decade.

So, now, I am missing my whiskers.  By October, I’ll have a voluminous patch by then.



  1. Ang gwapo mo talaga… buti na lang alam ko pagkatao mo… di mo ako malilinlang tulad ng mga iba dyan…

    Buti na lang, kundi… shet! Nakakainlab talagang boypren kong hilaw :p

  2. GANOHN, nemcy?!?!?! Salamat 🙂


    Papichuuuur ka with the elephant jan sa thailand ha??? hawakin mo trunk nya….feel the uhog…feel the love hahahaha

  3. ayus! hahaah
    congrats sa barbero trip

  4. I agree with Nemcy. Grabe, ang gwapo mo. Shucks. I swear, with matching music ng Parokya right now…. “bading na bading sa yo…”

  5. You look so gooood!!!
    And u look much younger.
    Oo man…peks man… 🙂

  6. uuuy smooth as a baby’s bottom! que guapo ah!

  7. OMG. *Faints*

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