Posted by: nastypen | August 30, 2007

I Left a Party For This…….


I gabbed with my little sister for several minutes. Technology is so great. This is definitely not the first time we chatted like this. But every time this happens, I still remember growing up reading about this in science fiction…and I am at awe.

Gone are the days of glancing at the clock nervously as you chat on the phone long distance to gauge how much you’re going to spend.  I don’t think my sister can discuss her dual-color process of applying eye shadow at length if this were a traditional phone call.

I was at a party last night but I got bored to tears and had a “late entrance early exit” scheme.  I went straight home and just tinkered around with my new toy/tool whose complete name is Aluminada Nora de la Atribida the first.  My sisters and I then camwhored with the webcam.

It’s one of my projects at UP Manila to help teachers make their podcasts.  This is just in case if the professors are indisposed, their students can listen to the lecture online or download it in mp3 format.  I was a student on this short course about Online journalism where our professor was in Virginia and I had classmates from Fiji to Mongolia.  We met at a designate time and we held class.  That was 2002, I believe.  How long before this becomes a standard in major universities here in the country?

Ah the possibilities….. but, for now, I am just obsessing with my newly-organized dashboard.  (Click image to enlarge)

dashboard confessions

I have the Shakespearean insult widget, plus a dose of Sartre wisdom with Marcel Duchamp quotes on the side. I worked pretty hard to get the exact coordinations of where I am staying at for the constellations widget.  I am relearning my Chinese via widget.  Of course, John Travolta’s iconic pose must be inserted alongside dashboard Jesus.  I check the weather daily via the widgets.  I also got that Yoda widget.  It never fails to crack me up to type in Filipino gay lingo like “seenech yan?” or “Vaklitah akesh” and have Yoda “say” it.  Technology IS scary.  hehehe.



  1. What?

    Master Yoda speaking gayspeak??!?? Nalalaloka!!!!

  2. Congrats ulit! You wont be sorry. The office pala had one na. Loko si Myles… sinurprise ako :p charing!
    Of course, kanya muna, then isa-isa kami… guess who’s next in line? 😉

    Ganda n’ya…

  3. Ang cute n’yo ni dang! Aliw!

    In fairness ang ganda ng make-up.. kaya pala naka-shirt tapos me make up… AT blue pa :p


  5. …wait, there are UP teachers who have podcasts? Never heard that before. I must not be hanging out with the “cool profs”. Either that or these are the professors who figure that if their students are fighting desperately to stay awake right in their faces, how much worse would it be if it was just their disembodied voice droning on for about an hour or so. Hm.

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