Posted by: nastypen | August 29, 2007

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Post this in “Allow me to gush/brag” files….

Well, I planned to buy one of these at January 2008. But the opportunity presented itself and I snagged it.

So, say hello to Aluminada, world.

This is aluminada

She’s a 20-inch iMac. Don’t ask me about her capacities. All I know is that she has a 250gb memory. Yeyness. Ugh. What a major dent to my savings. But then again, I am chanting “It’s an investment” to myself. It was difficult to do graphic design with my laptop. Now, the monitor is huge and glaring. If I watch porn, the pesky neighbors get a free view!

Oh yes, there’s the Photo Booth (built-in web cam) and here is one of the first pics with Aluminada:

two bitches!

Well, portrait of two bitches…..Onyx is so heavy to carry yet we posed. Tyra Banks would have been so proud.

Why the name “Aluminada?” Well, the casing of the iMac is aluminum and at night the monitor will surely illuminate my room. So there. It has a nickname. It’s “Nora.” Why? “Alum” in Cebuano is mole, ergo paying homage to my most favorite Filipino actress Nora Aunor. Wahahahahahha.

Here’s to a beautiful relationship, Aluminada.



  1. what is it with you mac fetishizing people? :-p

  2. hello, sparks! Because Macs are simply the best? heheheh. Hayaan mo na ako, paminsan-minsan lang ako nagba-brand whore wahahahahahaha

  3. Hello Aluminada!!
    Bless you and your “little friend” on your new life together…

  4. Curtsies to Aluminada…

  5. Ooh, such a pretty machine… I think Karina needs one!

  6. she’s beautiful *_*

  7. ‘Yun oh!

    Ang ganduh… hail to the Mac (and the wise and beautiful owners as well!)


  8. *drool*

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