Posted by: nastypen | August 21, 2007

Of All The Things To Forget….

I forgot to eat.  SERIOUSLY.  I am so busy today that I have forgotten to eat lunch and dinner.  Breakfast was bowl of oatmeal, not because I’m on a diet…heavens no…it’s because it was the easiest and quickest to prepare.

So, now it’s 7:37pm and I just remember I had to eat.

The thing is.  I have been busier.  But i NEVER…ABSOLUTELY NEVER forgot to eat.  Till Today.  Wow.  I was working on something then my head was swimming.  I thought “Am I having a stroke?!?!”  Till I perked up on the smell of C2 Iced tea being poured three feet away from me.  The smell of that made me feral!  My sense of smell was heightened and I was ready to pounce on this guy….I don’t know if I was growling or it was my cavernous stomach.

Jeezzz….I have to make some few small repairs now…. I can’t get over it.  A fat man like me forgetting to eat.  It’s like a bulimic forgetting to puke.



  1. That is surprising! And I always remind you to chow pa naman everytime you text me na di ka pa kumakain…

    Have some candies, gummi bears or crackers sa bag mo. Pantawid gutom, before the main event 😉

  2. ang pagkain parang bf/gf, dapat hindi kinakalimutan :p

  3. I forget to eat or drink when I’m on the roll doing something. I still can’t believe that I could forget something like this though but I do…then I would remember when I start to feel my mouth parched from dehydration and I have a headache…

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