Posted by: nastypen | August 5, 2007

Pockets of Happiness

I just got off the phone with Faye. She sounded so miserable thanks to the flu that she got from her first days at her new work. I told her that in my first week of teaching, I lost my voice thanks to the flu that was circulating the faculty room.

She is just thankful for pockets of happiness. These are the little things that keep abject misery at bay.

It is like Harry Houdini in chains submerged into cold water; trying to escape underneath a thick layer of ice. He survived for so long by pressing his nose onto air pockets in the ice and breathe in the oxygen from above. Those air pockets are a simile of pockets of happiness that afford one with coping mechanisms.

Blogging is a pocket of happiness. Lately, however, there are just too many demands in my life. I am too busy to even scream in frustration. I have so many thoughs zigzagging in my mind: Where’s my salary? What salary?!?! Have I paid for this bill already? The deadlines! The checking of papers! The powerpoint presentations! I am multi-tasking my sanity away!  I’m even praying for rain because typhoons mean no classes!  I may be the only teacher to openly admit that.  It’s not because I don’t like teaching, but I am quite new at this and I need proper pacing and a break would do me good.

So, right now, it’s a Sunday night. Most people are relaxing this very minute. I am at work. I just finished ten comic strips, now will ready my lectures for the next few weeks. I am just counting the days till October when it is the Semestral Break and hie off to Cebu. Hey, I already bought the ticket for that trip months before I even got my new job. But for now, it is just a series of getting through the days.

I find myself going back to the habit of stress-eating.  I am just wondering that I am too busy these days.  So busy that it took me a week to finish the last book of Harry Potter.  I usually devour it overnight.  This is a far cry from sleeping until 1 pm in my first stint at unemployment.  God, i actually miss those days, yet, I am grateful to have a job…ok, two jobs, ok, three jobs….ahahahahha.  So, now, you know why I have not been blogging lately, it’s because adulthood is on the way.

The only TV show I get to watch is America’s Next Top Model.  It’s the only show I make time for.  There’s something oddly relaxing and comforting watching model wannabes struggle and fight.

This morning, my sister was flipping channel and I saw a Nelie Furtado video and wondered if it was new.  It was several months old!  Ten years ago, I couldn’t go through a day without MTV.  Now, I just want to sleep.  At least I have time to blog surf.  Blogging is something else.  But thankfully, I am about to wrap this one entry up.

I breathe in from the air pocket and dive back in the cold water.



  1. Yeah. I perhaps can relate to this…
    Not been a really perfect weeks for me… simple happiness like my text entry for the TOP 10 in The Morning Rush of RX 93.1 being read is a simple happiness for me… temporary.

    Dear, you really write well. Don’t lose it. Blog till you drop 😉

    Hope to see you soon, dear! Ü

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