Posted by: nastypen | July 29, 2007

To All of My Religion Teachers…

I do not forget easily.

I do not forget how you scoff at gays, saying that they are not welcome in heaven because they are not God’s work but the devil’s. I do not forget how after you finished that sentence you throw a glance at me which, like dutiful morons, some classmates follow and giggle. I do not forget that you just looked away as they start to pelt me dirty erasers. I do not forget how one day you said about Christ telling us not to judge, then the next day you tell that we’re going to burn in hell.

I do not forget how you threatened us to snip off our penises if we show them to other boys. I do not forget thinking, “So, if I show my penis to my female teachers, it’s ok?”

I do not forget how you listed down all the sins and encircled violently the word “homosexuality.” I do not forget the laughter from the class as you make limp-wristed movements making fun of the “Bayot” (Faggot). I do not forget that joke you cracked that faggots should be nailed to the cross.

I do not forget that you scowled and said that this (bangs on the word “homosexuality”) is “NOT NATURAL.”

I do not forget that you said “woman and man is natural; woman and woman or man and man is not!!!” I do not forget you touting that sex is glorious and for the sole reason of procreation. I do not forget you frothing “Making babies in marriage is natural and God will love you for it.”

I do not forget your lesson of man being created in God’s image, but homosexuals and “other perverts” are not because they are the puppets of the devils. I do not forget you saying that there are no homosexuals in the animal kingdom because what God created is good and since animals have no free will, they can’t be homosexuals.

I read in high school about gay dolphins and wanted to bring that up to class. Do these dolphins burn in hell as well? But I preempted your answer, “Dolphins don’t have souls so, gay dolphins don’t burn in hell nor rejoice in heaven.” Even at such a young age, I learned how to choose my battles.

Now, it’s Sunday and it’s a time of worship…and I came across this clip done by an American student for his Animal Behavior Class and it made me reminisce about my days wasting my time listening to you, my religion teachers.

Go on, watch, it’s not a sin:

Now, don’t you forget this. We’re natural. We ARE God’s creation. You’re just ignorant.

Love and will eventually forgive you,

Your student who became agnostic at Grade 5



  1. and all pagan children will go to hell because they do not know jesus. sad, really. what these narrow minded educators perpetuate.

    you’re a beautiful person dear, and one of the most intelligent and amazing people i’ve ever met! and that’s all that really matters.

  2. i will never forget much less forgive. they robbed me of my normal gay childhood and adolescence.

    yes, My God loves me for being me. And it’s a sin against Him if I go against my nature which He given me.


  3. hhhmm..I’m not an expert when it comes to anal sex, but if God was really against it in the first place, he shouldn’t have made the prostate such a pleasurable spot.

    ….that’s all

  4. When we get to Cebu, let’s go visit your school…

    *evil smile*

    ‘la lang…

  5. Fab…

  6. to hell with the sexual preference, as long as you’re a good person, you’d go to heaven. your religion teacher’s are painfully narrow-minded. *rolls eyes*

  7. I was reminded of that religion teacher who proposed that the only “cure-all” for homosexuality was medical consultations. I wanted to shout then and there, “Homosexuality is not a disease!” but I did not. I just made a blog entry. Because I’m a good person. Haha. And then I harassed him throughout the term with questions about Christianity until he can no longer give rational answers and the class starts to doubt & hate him.

  8. There is something wholly wrong about the argument. Now this is not an attack to anyone, just a counterargument and an opinion. I’m a strong believer that gays are human beings too. In my book, human beings are not animals. If we are speaking of something natural, what separates us from animals are our rationality and freewill. The fact that they are able to come up with the video shows that human beings think and rationalize and therefore justify their existence to other people.

    I don’t know if what is shown in the video is true but assuming that it is, it clearly showed why animals do it: to survive. On the other hand, human beings, whatever they say, are complex creatures because of rationality and freewill. Our decisions are not based on the same level with that of the giraffes and penguins. And whether we deny it or not, the act of sex is pleasurable for humans.

    I don’t think dogs do it in public for pleasure. I don’t think birds do it for pleasure. And come to think of it, our sex was made to be pleasurable. I believe our sex organs are not laden with sensitive nerves and connected to the pleasure-reacting brain for no reason. Sex, in its objective purpose to reproduce, is pleasurable.

    If they are going to use animals to counter the fact that sex is not entirely for reproduction then, under the premise that sex is also pleasurable, we can justify the acts of pedophiles (like old dogs, having sex with young dogs), nymphomaniacs (bitches) and rapists (dogs doing it on the streets). Of course, thinking humans would disagree and say that they are doing criminal acts. Maybe it’s possible that association under this category made it sinful. I do not really know if it sinful or not.

    I don’t think they have to justify what they do by comparing it to the natural behaviour of animals. We have a different natural behaviour as human beings. We have our rationality and freewill (i.e. you choose how you live, then live with the choice). Maybe there will always be religion teachers who will say being gay is wrong, but you have to put up with it, because you chose to live with it. Other people will say something wrong about the others who are not aligned with their lifestyle but they do it anyway with the consequences (like as we would say, being a rapist is definitely a wrong lifestyle and a person choosing to be a rapist means having to put up with consequences of getting imprisoned).

    Gays also have sex for pleasure. They are not animals who do it for survival because they are aware as human beings that sex is pleasurable. If we pursue the argument that gay sex is only for pleasure (because, you gotta admit, gays can’t reproduce by themselves), we can justify s&m, nymphos and necrophiliacs because they do it also only for pleasure, (albeit there is something totally wrong with their thinking against the ‘normal’ way of thinking… would that mean gays are also…wrong?). That is why there is an objective reason for sex: to reproduce. Other than that, subjective reasons will become vague and personal for each person, which give excuse to the term we know more commonly as ‘sexual preferences.’

    Comparing human sexual acts to animals’ survival acts: apples and oranges. Thinking gay humans with other thinking human perverts, well… just think. Where and when does it becomes a sin?

  9. Don, thanks for your comment.

    What is rationality? It is the ability to reason; a manifestation of which is the usage of tools to solve problems or to achieve an end. Chimpanzees are observed to use sticks to plunge it into termite colonies to gather termites for food. Isn’t this rationality? Rationality is also being able to create coping mechanisms or certain rituals to cope with certain emotional upheavals. Elephants have been recorded to cry or mourn as a group when one of them dies.

    Complexity, as you put it, is not exclusive to humans.

    Sex has to have an objective? So, every time our parents have to fuck, they want to have a baby? What if daddy wants to stick it in to mommy while she’s preggy which a lot of daddies do? Sex has to have an objective? Then why the proliferation of prostitution throughout all human cultures? Sex has to have an objective? then what about those horny old people who can’t reproduce anymore? How about those who, for some health reason, have had their ovaries or testes taken out and want to get it on, should we classify these people under the auspices of “sexual preferences?”

    There it is again, the invocation of the “normal.”

    The point of the blog is to react to the short film by a student whose studies show that homosexuality is present in the animal kingdom thereby debunking the right wing people who denounce homosexuals as unnatural.

    Where and when does it become a sin? When the status quo says so…..think about it. What is sin but a dictation by an authority to articulate and formulate guilt and give it consequences. Leviticus 11:10 states that eating shellfish is an abomination. So, certain seafood are sinful and will earn you divine smite? “Sin” is a product of a society wanting and needing to control people via morality play. if anything, this state of pandering to guilt and consequences is what ultimately separates us from animals.

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