Posted by: nastypen | July 26, 2007

Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back

Well, I had my classes for Thursday and Friday on a reading break. I am representing the department for this seminar on how to use the Mac. Well, I’m a Mac user and I still welcome this opportunity, albeit that I lose scheduled time with my classes.

The University of the Philippines purchased a number of brand new MacBooks. right now, representatives from UP Diliman, UP Manila and UP Baguio are at the UP DILC (Department of Interactive Learning Center) for this. The department I am in will be getting THREE units! woohoo.

Of course, I had to baptise the Mac built-in camera with my mug:


I can’t wait to infect the department of some Mac Love. All of them except me are into Windows. So, imagine my elation when the UP System decided to give us Macs. I will be the one to conduct the training for my fellow teachers at the department.

Since UP decided to increase the tuition, it is but fitting, that technology and facilities are kept abreast. Now, if only they can increase the teachers’ salary….

Right now, I am familiar with the lecture that is why I am blogging. After lunch, I will be listening attentively. But for now, can I surf porn in the university? Hmmmmm…….

edit: you can tell that I have “marked” the computer via the wallpaper choice:

Can’t stop the flood, bitches….



  1. Macs….. mmmmmmm!!! Sounds like a delicious piece of ice cream!

  2. cute ka. 🙂

  3. thanks, winona… ang cute ng last name mo.

  4. blue steel! hahaha

  5. You can be in that Mac vs. PC ad 🙂 Just find someone who looks like Bill Gates

  6. You look different with your haircut… the short movie you made pala is great ah, for a first time iMovie user.

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