Posted by: nastypen | July 25, 2007

“Life Skill” and The Simpsons

I was coerced to get a student permit from the Land Transportation Office (L.T.O.). It is one of those times when my sister and mother are having visions of the future and that future needs me to learn how to drive. I am not a lover of cars.

That is why I pick my job(s) on the proviso that I can ride a train to work. Some people find it stressful to be crammed in trains. I’m one of them but I am so grateful for the metro rail because ten years ago, I rode buses and I did not like the prospect of being crammed inside a moving tin can for more than three hours. Being in a tin can train with sweaty armpits and people forgetting to bathe is ok because I ride two trains in less than an hour.

“But driving is a ‘life skill’,” my sister quips. “Life skill?” What the hell is that? Breathing? Driving has become essential and necessary already? Am I left out of a loop that the car has been deemed as important as nourishment?


I will LEARN how to drive and I WILL eventually drive. But not now. I do not like that my schedule is destroyed for this quest of this “life skill.” It didn’t help that the LTO branch I went to is hot and full. It certainly did not help that while waiting for my student permit, LTO had to close shop for lunch. This resulted more than three hours spent waiting for step one in this “life skill.”

So, my day already ruined and I needed to show up in a racket of mine. I thought it was ironic that I already have a student permit yet my appointment paper (and salary) are non-existent yet in my new job. So, I had to scrounge for some rackets.

I texted the person that I will be late because I had to “do something important for my health.”

That important thing for my health was to watch The Simpsons Movie. Since 1988…God damn…I have been a fan of this TV family. I have waited for so long for this film. The only cartoon series that almost made me dispose the Simpsons are Ren & Stimpy and South Park.

I was all down and frothing from external irritants that I NEEDED to laugh. I was thinking of watching the latest Pixar flick, but the Simpsons had me at hello. I will not review this film, because I didn’t watch it properly, a lot of times my head was thrown back in laughter. There were only about 15 of us in the old Greenbelt cinema but I was roaring the loudest.

Oh Lordy….the first few seconds and I was the opening billboard!!!!…..a full frontal!….a gay kiss!…..Oh jeebus…I will watch it again.

In celebration of the movie release, the Simpsons’ website had this “create your own Simpson character” page there. I made one weeks ago, but it hardly looked like me. All I know there is one character in the pantheon of Simpson characters I can totally identify with and actually look like. This guy:

hello, there, sexy.....

comic geek? man boobs? obese? with goatee? the dazed look? mouth agape? Helloooo!!! Only, I don’t have a cheesy ponytail….and my clothes are more colorful than that…maybe i will just photoshop this to look like me….some other time.

But The Simpsons took me out of the funk of misery. The only thing I wished this film could have offered? …..That it was five hours long.

The Simpsons offered me a chance to use one of my cherished life skills: the ability to guffaw like a drunk.



  1. no shit??? It’s showing already????

  2. That’s what i wished too… that the movie is a little longer pa. Hope there’s a sequel 😉 hehehe

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