Posted by: nastypen | July 22, 2007

…And It Has Come To This….

I went home late.  I dropped by a 7-11 in Makati.  Got myself pretzels, malteasers and one of those bread sticks to be dipped in strawberry goo.  The cashier looked at my stash and smiled, “Ay pasalubong!  Sir, baka gusto nyo ng lollipop para sa anak nyo.”  (Oh, presents!  Sir, you might want to get your kid a lollipop.)

Oh.  No.  She.  Di’int!!!!!

She actually thought I was a daddy…worse….she thought I was straight!!!  The haircut made me into a butch!  I just winced but smiled and said that my kid didn’t want to suck things but I do.  I don’t think she got my joke.

Well,  I DO look like a daddy.  Hell, I look like MY Daddy and I don’t mind that.  What I do mind is that some people think I am straight!  Such an insult to all things fabulous to which I have fought for all these years!  Perhaps if I don’t scowl and skip and sing pre-Vogue post-Shooting Star Madonna songs, they might get the clue.  Perhaps due to stress and frustration made my actions constricted to a lumber which made me look like an angry dude suffering from hernia.

So butch!

Ah, no matter, I just finished the junk I bought in one fell swoop.  I am the best daddy to my favorite kid: ME!  Oh yes… Quien es su papi, perros?  Who’s your daddy, bitches?



  1. Hmmm…. daddies!!!

  2. Yikes. And remember I have been referred to as your girlfriend in one instance (“How was your date, Ma’am?” at Strabucks) and your wife in another (“Ang tisoy naman ng asawa mo!” courtesy of a cab drive)!!! Back in college, my classmates tought we were an item!


    Little do they know, you’re more of a girl than me!


    You’re the diva and I am your handmaiden.

  3. OH MY GHAD! the horror!! hahahaha!

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