Posted by: nastypen | July 21, 2007

Zombies Comfort Me

I just got a haircut. My hair was bothering me. I wanted to rip something out from sheer frustration over the past few days… so instead of tearing out my earlobes, I got a hair cut.


“I know who dies in Harry Potter.”

I got this text message from a friend that sent my temper rising. I was on my way to get my copy. Let me get this straight, I am not a big fan of Harry Potter. I DO have all the books. I read them because I want to suspend my brain for a day or two. Just like how I finished The Da Vinci Code overnight, because sometimes I want guilty pleasures. Just like when I feel down, I latch on to some Kylie Minogue tunes and let my collection of Aimee Mann songs rest in the meantime.

I think the Potter books are a great ride.

I just detest people who rush to the stores at 7:01am today flip to the last pages and text everyone of the ending. It’s as if to be the first ones to know what happens makes them better people.

Please. Losers.

I DID flip through the last pages and read with apathetic eyes on those who died and what happened years later. BUT I am not telling.

Now, I have a copy of Memoirs of a Voluptuary…I’m waiting for people to text me spoilers on this book.


I watched Grindhouse….well, half of it: Planet Terror. Nothing uplifts my weary soul than zombie flicks with an amputee stripper. It helps that Freddy Rodriguez is there, too.

Ugh…there were scenes that I had to look away because of the sheer disgust of blood splatter and offal dangling from corners of the screen. I was just pissed that they cut this film.

Grindhouse was supposed to be a double-flick….one film directed by Robert Rodriguez, the other by Quentin Tarantino (I heard Quentin is coming over to the Philippines for the Cinemanila film festival!!…how true?!?!?!?)… an homage to double feature screening back in the glory days of cinemas outside the malls. There was supposed to be a collection of faux movie trailers in between like Eli Roth‘s Cheerleader. Nothing. They are gone. It was supposed to be Death Proof doubled with Planet Terror. Only Planet Terror was shown in Manila.

I guess, this means trooping to the nearest friendly neighborhood pirated DVD merchant to get me the full copy of Grindhouse. Then we hear these corporate people and the authorities wagging their finger at this…well, if only they don’t f*ck the movies up with cuts and edits for profit (the original Grindhouse was more than two hours…the longer the movie, the less money the cinema makes) and for moral strangulations (Sin City was heavily cut because the censors thought it is bad for viewers) …perhaps that would give me less reason to indulge in such an activity.

….Plus points on what happened to Black Eyed Peas’s Stacey Ferguson a.k.a. Fergie in this movie. I recall watching that disastrous disaster flick, the remake of the Poseidon Adventure, because Fergie was killed there. Check out her death here…too gross and too fantastic. Love it.

There was a sign right outside the cinema that states a disclaimer that the scratches on the film you are about to watch are intentionally done by the filmmakers for effect.

Irony is not a strong Filipino suit.



  1. It is true. Tarantino is coming as a recepient of a Lifetime Achievement Award. 🙂

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