Posted by: nastypen | July 18, 2007

The FABULOUS and FIERCE Amazing Race

I am a fan of Amazing Race, especially when Mirna and Charla are around. As for Amazing Race Asia, well, I thought it was the triple T’s: torpid, terrible, trite. I can’t even stand watching one full episode. And not even because the Filipinos fared poorly… it was ultimately due to the blatant fact that the contestants were so BLAH. It was like watching wet paper dry.

I was bored out of my wits. I wanted to be drawn in by CHARACTERS… there were no strong characters… no quirky ones, just bellyaching and heaving in several Asian accents.

I was asked by friends to join the Amazing Race because they think it is fun to watch a fat, hairy guy screaming as I careen through a task. The only physical exertion I do are walking to the MRT station, standing inside the coach and farting. I couldn’t do races! I just watch them, hello!

Besides, I have nothing compared to this vision of sequined and smoky-eyed dementia:

Fifi sent me this video….ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the audition tape of Jake and Shahani for the next season of Amazing Race Asia:

Oh hell noooooo!!!!!! Tyra Bangs for the win!!!! I will definitely watch if these two get in. I would like to have a culture clash with two screaming faggots go head-to-head with the conservative contestants.

The video was nicely put together. I couldn’t understand what they were screeching though. I love it when Shahani put on the pedestal her ability to run in high heels. I’d rather watch this than the usual route of “I am independent, calm, sporty and love challenges” type of speech…. let’s see how calm you are running in wearing at least three-inch heels. I can’t wait for Jake to mouth-off wisdom like “What the world needs is color-coordination and subtle accessories.” Oh, the possibilities!!!

Oh Lordy, stereotypical, yes, but, also, these two are a scandal waiting to happen… why else would I want to watch “reality” television but disasters?

Now, whether or not the producers in the tame (remember, tame rhymes with lame) Amazing Race Asia will have the guts to get them is another matter. Anyhoo, if ever they do get in, “fabbitch” Shahani may well have the most fabulous pair of legs in the race.



  1. Oh, hell, no! ROTFLMAO “I can run in heels!” Let’s see Aubrey Miles do that!

  2. Unfortch hinde daw sila nakasama =( si Marc Nelson and some MTV guy daw ay nakasama. nakita sila sa quiapo pinapakain ng balot. tapos may nakakita rin daw kay Allen Wu sa CCP since nandun daw yung pitsop. anyway. kakaalis lang nila dito sa Pinas. mejo kaka excite kasi dumaan yung ARA dito sa Pinas divah. pero mas nakaka excite kasi ayon sa mga nakakita sa mga racers…may TWO HOT japanese guys daw na kasali. wahehehe

    may pic akong nakita na si allen wu nasa CCP kaso tinaggal na nila yung link e =(

  3. sad that they didn’t get in. but then it makes perfect sense, since most of the big television networks are based in Singapore now and NOT Hong Kong. Singapore is known for editing EVERYTHING, including the content in the Amazing Race Asia. That’s why HBO Asia doesn’t display the sordid sex scenes of the series ROME. You can only see that through the pirated DVD versions, and not even the original DVDs sold on most shops at the mall. Until they change the way they look at entertainment, it’s going to be tough to get interesting characters like these on the show.

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