Posted by: nastypen | July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th and I Have To Be At A Meeting

I don’t feel that chirpy at all. I have to be at work early today because there’s a meeting. And it’s Friday the 13th. I am not a great fan of meetings. I was thinking that I lasted six years in my first job because I didn’t have to attend meetings there.

In my former job, I had the interesting experience of calling for a meeting to discuss whether or not the meeting the next day will push through or not.

God!!!!!! But here I am in my paradigm shifted reality and I have to attend a meeting. I should pray that this is not a usual thing.

A professor will discuss “tenure” in that meeting. That should be quite interesting to note if I am willing to hang on or not in this new life.

Furthermore, I understand that part of the meeting will be an enumeration of guidelines in classroom decorum. If you could only see the classroom where I am teaching, it is plastered with signs like “Absolutely no food and drinks” and “Do not tinker with the aircon.” It is pretty funny considering that that room is used to teach humanities, to highlight the arts, aesthetics, to study on humanity’s take on what is supposedly beautiful and you have such signs screaming from all corners.

I had to smirk because what I teach my students are the lives and works of artists that were difficult rule breakers in their day. I teach my students how these people were necessary to change the convention to get to where we are right now. Yet, the room is littered with posters like big brother cameras in Orwellian fashion. Autocracy in a classroom assigned to teach something intangible yet inflammatory as the arts….oh yes….

Irony, people, is character-building.

Of course, I do not call for anarchy or total disregard for decorum and decency. However, these signs are a farce in the face of a university system that touts itself as a locale for rollicking irreverence to authoritarian leanings; constantly creating but also questioning the status quo. Put it in proper context, y’all.

Some petty people just want more control, I guess. I am sad for their existence; forcing to clutch sand. Ah well, these are just little irritants…too little to be stressors, anyway. I just thought it was ironic.
Goodness me, I have to wear something red to offset the bad juju.


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