Posted by: nastypen | July 11, 2007

Smirking Is An Extraordinary Talent In My Family

When I die, this must be printed in the obituary section of a newspaper. Preferably, next to an ad telling the readers that there is a cure for baldness:

‘What will your obituary say?’ at

I love tranny prostitutes! I want to befriend them!  I will die with a shriek and a smirk in the company of trannies?  I would probably die via a giant disco ball hurled to my head in a bacchanalian frenzy of trannies outdoing each other in an impromptu beauty contest’s parade of nations!  Such a glorious exit!

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. […] just visited Chong’s page. His blog is my last read for the day. I was sure glad to drop by. […]

  2. ang bongga naman nito! wonder what mine should say…

  3. Wahahahahahhaha. I tested my ex’s name and birthday on it. Hehehehehe. Oh my. This is funny. I can think of him fondly now.

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